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Former Actress Marj Hogarth Is Now A Handmade Bag Designer

There is more to Marj Hogarth than just being married to British potter Keith Brymer Jones. She once starred in the silver screen.

If you are into British pottery shows, you must be familiar with Keith Brymer Jones. The man was a longtime judge of The Great Pottery Throw Down.

The ceramic designer recently visited a beautiful Welsh village during the first episode of Channel 4’s Our Welsh Chapel Dream. It also featured his known yet unknown wife, Marj Hogarth.

Key Takeaways

  • Marj Hogarth starred in several TV shows during her thirty years of acting stint.
  • The former actress began her entrepreneurial journey during the pandemic, which she continues to date.
  • Catch Marj Hogarth and Keith Brymer Jones on Channel 4 at 8 PM on Sunday.

Hogarth once dominated the television screen with her magnetic presence and impeccable acting. She is now a designer and is involved in a new business.

The new Channel 4 series will see the Jones-Hogarth couple transform a 160-year-old chapel into their residence, which includes a large pottery studio for Keith.

Recent TV Featuring Led To Increase In Searches For Marj Hogarth Wikipedia

Hogarth began her acting career in Rogue Farm in 2004. Soon after, she joined The Karen Dunbar Show and portrayed various roles for twenty-two episodes.

Marj’s other acting credits include Still Game, Rab C. Nesbitt, M.I. High, and Badults. She was also part of Fags, Mags, and Bags podcast series for 25 episodes.

The actress joins her potter husband on Our Welsh Chapel Dream. The couple will restore a chapel and Sunday School building, which they bought for £200,000.

While Marj Hogarth’s age has not been disclosed, she is likely of a similar age or only a few years younger than her husband. The pair also share a son, Ned, who is in his twenties.

From Actress To Entrepreneur: Marj Hogarth Has Launched Her Business

After thirty years of acting, Keith Brymer Jones’s wife began a new venture as a designer. She launched Hook and Hatchet, a British brand producing practical, contemporary, and sustainable handbags.

The idea for the company came during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hogarth was desperately searching for something creative to fill her time.

The lady initially started making bags from coffee sacks before working with vintage clothing and blankets. Today, her online business is incredibly successful, with products selling out soon after being put on display.

Marj credits her success to her spouse, Keith, who gave her helpful business advice. She also advises other women entrepreneurs to value what they want while launching a business.

I’ve known people who started businesses, became successful incredibly quickly and it’s made them deeply unhappy because they felt as if they were creating a monster they couldn’t control.

We all want different things in life but the most important thing is to value what YOU want.

From The Frank Magazine

Marj’s Hook and Hatchet’s studio is at The Old Bakery, Norfolk Street. She has also featured Keith’s pottery works on her website.

Additional Information About Marj Hogarth

  • Marj Hogarth and Keith Brymer Jones were previously married to other people. Marj was together with her ex-husband for nearly twenty years.
  • Keith Brymer Jones’ son Ned was born to his first wife.
  • Keith Brymer Jones considers his biggest money mistake as giving his former spouse a mansion worth £450,000.
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