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Emily Mae Young’s Parents, Doug And Tracy Appear To Have Different Origin

Emily Mae Young, the most popular child actor of the 90s, captured the collective affection of viewers from different age groups by playing Lily in Step By Step.

People search for her whereabouts now as she has been completely out of the media and has quit her acting career for good.


  • Emily Mae Young, the beloved child actor of the 90s, has vanished from the public eye, leaving fans curious about her whereabouts. Despite her popularity, she made a decisive exit from the entertainment industry, sparking speculation among her followers.
  • Speculation about Emily’s departure suggests it may be linked to her family’s privacy and life in Pennsylvania. Some believe she prioritized her family over her acting career, leaving Hollywood to maintain their normalcy, hinting at the challenges of uprooting her family for full-time work in California.
  • While she stepped away from acting, her on-screen family members pursued diverse paths. Patrick Duffy, who played Frank Lambert, continued acting with guest appearances and voice work, while Suzanne Somers, who portrayed Carol Lambert, transitioned to hosting and occasional television appearances.

Emily is also known for her roles as Jerry Morrison in Undercover Angel (1999) and as Marlene in Santa and Pete (1999).

She debuted at age 5 and appeared in two seasons of the show “Step By Step” from 1996 to 1998.

Emily was born on February 14, 1990, and she will turn 34 years old this 2024.

Emily has done multiple commercials, among which the most popular are Welch’s grape juice and Sears ads.

The commercial overloads you with her cuteness, compelling you to take a sip even if you are on a diet!

However, she completely disappeared from the entertainment industry in recent years.

Emily Mae Young Is Quite Private When It Comes To Her Parents And Family

Emily was born in Orange County, California, to her parents, Doug K. Young And Tracy L. Young.

Emily is of White/European descent, which means that one of her parents is of White ethnicity while the other is of European heritage.

This indicates that her parents hailed from distinct ethnic backgrounds.

However, specific details on their ancestry have not been documented.

In addition, no other information has been released except their names, allowing different forms of speculation to arise.

One speculation is that she might have left acting because it affected her family’s privacy and life in Pennsylvania.

This points to the possibility that her parents lived in Pennsylvania when she enrolled in acting.

They predicted that it would be difficult for her to bring her entire family to California, where she was working.

Thus, she left the industry for her family’s sake because her family was her first priority.

A YouTube viewer commented on one of Emily’s videos from 9 years ago, where he wrote,

Emily was so smart and well spoken as an eight year old! Maybe she left the business because it was affecting her family’s life back in Pennsylvania! It would’ve been a huge sacrifice to uproot her family to California full time! I’ve seen a picture of her as a teenager and she looked the same as she did as a kid, just with longer hair! I wonder if she would go back into acting now as an adult?

This is just a theory and needs to be confirmed by credible sources. However, it has provided a direction to investigate the possibilities and certainties ahead of us.

Similarly, another YouTube viewer commented on Emily’s other interview video from 9 years ago,

My brother and his family moved into her parents house. My nephews were friends with her in school. She grew up to be a hairdresser.

Based on this, many people have come to believe that Emily has become a hairdresser.

But is it actually true? Can we believe this information without confirming with the sources? The answer is no.

However, we do not have any other reports to rely on.

Emily Mae Young’s On-screen Father, Frank, Continued His Acting Career While Carol Followed Emily’s Path

Emily, aka Lily, was the daughter of Frank and Carol Lambert in the series Step By Step.

Frank Lambert, aka Patrick Duffy, did not let his acting potential subside even after the end of his Step By Step journey.

He made guest appearances in various shows and provided the voice for Family Guy and Justice League.

Duffy successfully revived his character in Hollywood Darlings and also starred in the movie The Christmas Cure, showing consistent involvement in the entertainment industry.

Emily mae young parents
Emily Mae Young, along with her on-screen parents, Frank and Carol.

Carol Lambert, aka Suzanne Somers, had a stormy experience in the industry, and her character as Carol helped her come back in peace.

After the show, she was seen as the host of CBS’ Candid Camera from 1997 to 1999.

Then, she appeared in Dancing With The Stars in 2015 and has disappeared since then, following the footsteps of her on-screen daughter, Lily.

Additional Information

  • At four, Emily was awarded the Little Miss Apple Dumpling Prize and won a cash prize of $100.
  • Apart from Step By Step, Emily has made appearances in TV shows such as “All My Children”, “Loving”, and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”
  • When she was young, Emily Mae Young loved participating in gymnastics, skiing, swimming, and soccer. Whenever she had free time away from the set, she contributed her time to her hobbies.
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