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Marina Squerciati Pregnancy Rumors In 2024, Far from the Truth

The widespread pregnancy rumors surrounding Marina Squerciati, known for her role as Kim Burgess on the TV show Chicago P.D., have captured significant attention across the internet.

Marina and her husband, Eli Kay-Oliphant, married in 2016. Twenty years ago, they met as undergraduate students at Northwestern University.


  • Despite speculation, Marina has not officially confirmed any pregnancy news, maintaining a silent stance on social media and interviews.
  • She and her husband, Eli Kay-Oliphant, married in 2016 after meeting at Northwestern University.
  • Marina has a daughter with her husband, born in 2017.

Eli is a partner at Sparacino PLLC, a commercial litigation law firm based in Washington, D.C.

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, with Marina sharing the news on Instagram.

The internet has been abuzz with rumors of Marina’s pregnancy in 2024. Are these rumors grounded in reality, or are they merely another case of celebrity gossip? Let’s find out.

Marina Squerciati’s Silent Stance on Pregnancy Speculations In 2024

As of 2024, Marina Squerciati has remained notably silent on her social media platforms and in interviews regarding any potential pregnancy news.

Despite widespread speculation among fans and social media platforms about the possibility of her pregnancy, the actress herself has not officially confirmed the news.

Marina has appeared slim and showed no visible signs of a baby bump in her recent public appearances, contributing to the uncertainty surrounding the rumors.

Known for maintaining a relatively low profile regarding her personal life, Marina typically shares only occasional glimpses into her private affairs.

While searches about her pregnancy have surfaced, these speculations remain unverified, with recent Instagram uploads further clearing doubts as she appeared slimmer.

Until Marina addresses the rumors directly or provides an official statement, the speculation surrounding her pregnancy status will remain just that—speculation.

Marina Squerciati’s Journey from Pregnancy Announcement In 2017 To Work-Life Balance Nowadays

Squerciati and her husband, attorney Eli Kay-Oliphant, welcomed their daughter in May 2017.

Marina announced her pregnancy on Instagram in February of that year, and she temporarily stepped away from her role on Chicago P.D. to go on maternity leave.

Although Marina has not publicly disclosed her daughter’s name, she has occasionally shared glimpses of their mother-daughter moments on social media.

These include activities like hiking in matching dresses at the Suncadia Resort or dressing up as Disney Junior’s Mira, the Royal Detective, for Mother’s Day.

Despite occasionally sharing these precious moments, Marina prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.

In a 2018 interview with Chicago Parent, she candidly discussed her experience of motherhood, revealing that she didn’t feel an immediate “surge of love” upon her daughter’s birth and that it took her time to feel like herself again after becoming a mother.

Marina shared insights into how she navigates the delicate balance between her career and personal life, saying,

I try to stay present in each thing — I’m present at work when I’m at work and I’m present with my daughter when I’m with her… When I’m with my daughter, I’m not taking a peek at my scripts… I’m trying to be present with both to balance things out.

Additional Information

  • Marina Squerciati hails from New York City but comes from an Italian background and is the daughter of Marie Squerciati, an academic and writer.
  • Marina earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in theater from Northwestern University in 2003.
  • In September 2019, Marina Squerciati was identified as the offspring of the deceased financier John R. Jakobson.
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