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Love Island’s Gigi Simon’s Mother Is A Renowned Celebrity

Gigi Simon is one of the first Love Island contestants to be revealed!

Gigi Simon, the daughter of famous TV personality Lauren Simon, is in talks to appear in the game show Love Island this 2024.

As Love Island is set to arrive this June 3, the news that Gigi is entering the villa has shifted her attention to her renowned parents.


  • Gigi Simon, the daughter of TV personality Lauren Simon, recently gained attention through the news of entering the Love Island villa this summer.
  • Despite her extensive connections in the entertainment industry, Lauren Simon clarified that her daughter Gigi’s selection for Love Island was based solely on Gigi’s potential.
  • Gigi comes from an affluent background. Her mother, Lauren, is a notable reality TV star, and her father, Paul Simon, owns several property investment companies.

Gigi Simon is a social media influencer born to Lauren Simon and Paul Simon.

Lauren has garnered a massive fan following throughout her career, and her fans are highly anticipating Gigi’s performance in the upcoming dating show.

Lauren Simon Denies Taking Credit For Gigi’s Entry In The Dating Show

Lauren Simon is a talented TV personality best known for her appearance in ITVBe’s reality television series The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

In the reality show, she was the center of most of the dramas that occurred.

In 2024, she was recently seen as a housemate on the twenty-third series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Before joining the reality show cast in 2015, she worked in the PR and marketing department for VIP events and nightclubs.

Considering her long history in the entertainment industry since 2015, she has acquired tons of connections, especially with her former network, ITV.

However, in an interview with Daily Mail, she stated,


Daily Mail

Lauren spoke in favor of her daughter and specified that she ultimately got into the show due to her potential, and Lauren had nothing to do with it.

However, by taking a few steps back, she indeed made the way for her teenage daughter to steal the spotlight in the Television industry.

Lauren and Paul divorced in 2018 after the calendar marked fifteen years of their marriage.

In the past, she opened up that she worked really hard to overcome the heartbreak of her divorce.

Then, she launched a perfume business to prove to her daughters that they don’t have to be linked to a man to succeed.

After 4 years of the divorce, Lauren took to her Instagram and officially introduced her new boyfriend to her followers, showing how she has healed and moved on from the past.

The couple could be seen having a great time together at Cibo, an Italian restaurant in Cheshire, where Gigi also danced to the song Murder on the Dancefloor to celebrate the occasion.

Paul Simon Owns Numerous Property Investment Companies

Most people often confuse Paul Simon with the singer, but Gigi’s father is a millionaire who is the director of multiple property investment companies.

Due to their affluent background, Gigi spent her childhood in luxury.

He majored in Property Estate Management in London and commenced his career as a trader in the city.

The couple loved appearing together on the show The Real Housewives of Cheshire and didn’t hesitate to share their marital issues on screen.

Although they parted ways with complex legal and economic disputes, Paul hasn’t deleted their photo from his Twitter handle yet.

However, the type of bond Paul and Gigi share is unsure because Paul hasn’t posted any photos together on his social media.

They have kept their connection private, unlike Gigi’s mother, Lauren.

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