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Kelly Yazdi’s Parents Remain Anonymous Despite The Recent Legal Issue

Kelly Yazdi’s parents are baffled regarding the issues between her and her former husband, Zac Brown. The pair announced their divorce in December 2024.

Shockingly, musician Zac Brown has filed a lawsuit against his estranged wife, Kelly Yazdi, in response to her allegedly cryptic Instagram posts.


  • Kelly Yazdi is having a messy legal battle with her ex-husband, Zac Brown. Brown filed a temporary restraining order against her.
  • The actress’s family, including her parents and sister, hasn’t commented on her ongoing divorce issue.
  • Kelly Yazdi’s sister, Laura Yazdi, is a famous fashion blogger and real estate investor.

The SAG-AFTRA actress posted a series of IG posts where she seemingly accused her ex-spouse of “narcissistic abuse.” Her content also described a person who instructed her not to model to post any fitness videos.

In addition, that person advised the model to remove her photos from Instagram and only allowed her to wear specific clothing.

Zac Brown’s attorneys filed a restraining order, alleging that Kelly violated an employee and confidentiality agreement. The order also demanded Yazdi delete her Instagram posts.

Kelly Yazdi’s Parents Maintain A Low-Key Profile

Zac Brown’s ex-wife was born Kelly Marie Yazdi on January 25, 1991. She rose to fame after her fantastic performance in Herb Ritts: L.A. Style.

Kelly Yazdi’s parents raised her in Minnesota, but the family shifted to Los Angeles during her teenage years.

The actress’ exotic looks are from her mixed heritage: half Iranian and half Scandinavian. It appears her father and mother are from Iran and Scandinavia.

Unfortunately, Yazdi’s parents have always preferred to stay off the media radar. They haven’t commented on the ongoing legal drama between their daughter and former son-in-law.

Still, Kelly’s dad and mom must have supported her passion for acting and modeling. They must be proud of how far she has come in her career.

Kelly Yazdi’s Sister, Laura Yazdi, Is A Content Creator

While Kelly Yazdi’s parents remain in the shadows, her sister is the opposite. Laura Yazdi is a blogger, influencer, content creator, and real estate investor.

Laura also runs a blog, Laura Lily, where she shares fashion tips, gives clothing ideas, talks about her family, and updates fans on her daily life.

Kelly Yazdi’s sister often mentions Kelly on her blogs, sharing their childhood stories. Once, Laura shared how they have always had matching sister necklaces since they were little.

Laura loves spending time with her baby sister and calls Kelly the most adventurous young lady she knows.

From Laura Lily Blog

The fashion blogger is engaged to her partner, Aaron L Potratz. The pair have been together for a while now.

On the other hand, Kelly’s marriage with Zac Brown ended within four months of their wedding.

The Yazdi-Brown drama is far from over. Kelly recently shared an Instagram post with a lengthy poetic caption indicating the fight she had with her estranged husband on the court.

Additional Information About Kelly Yazdi

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