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Love Island Contestant, Patsy Field Born With Erb Palsy Disability

Patsy Field Joins Love Island Cast Alongside Other Notable Contestants.

After combing through thousands of applicants, Love Island producers are now getting ready to unleash their 2024 Islander line-up.

One person who is strongly tipped to head into the famous Majorcan villa this summer is Patsy Field, and the bosses have reportedly snapped up the stunning Influencer.


  • Love Island producers are preparing to unveil their 2024 Islander line-up, with influencer Patsy Field strongly tipped to enter the villa.
  • Patsy Field’s openness about Erb’s Palsy condition, which affects the function of one of her arms, stemmed from complications during her birth.
  • Patsy’s casting on Love Island is seen as a positive step for representation and inclusivity on the reality show.

Patsy already has a big claim to fame when it comes to Love Island. She is very close friends with Lili Piper, who is the lookalike sister of All-Star Islander Sophie Piper.

She has been very open about having Erb’s Palsy, which causes one of her arms to be shorter and less functional than the other.

As her entrance on Love Island gained attention, netizens became eager to learn more about her details and how she is gracefully coping with her illness.

Love Island Contestant, Patsy Field, 29, Embracing Herself Despite Erb’s Palsy Disability

Patsy Field is a 29-year-old influencer from London who is rumored to be one of the contestants on the upcoming season of Love Island.

She was born in 1995 to her parents, whose details are yet to be disclosed. Despite her huge fan following, she is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Patsy mentioned that her illness came after doctors made the crucial error for her to be delivered naturally rather than via Caesarean section.

Patsy’s birth occurred amidst complications when her mother went into labor, and she was born with a condition caused by injury to the upper arm’s main nerves during birth.

This illness results in paralysis or weakness in the arm due to injury to the upper group of arm nerves during birth.

Despite her disability, Patsy has been raising awareness about Erb’s palsy and inspiring others with the condition.

Her casting on Love Island is seen as a positive step towards representation and inclusivity on the popular reality show.

If Patsy successfully joins Love Island, she will enter the villa on June 3, 2024, when the show kicks off. The big launch night is scheduled for 9 PM on ITV2.

The show will continue to air every night at this time, except on Saturdays, when a highlights episode will be broadcast instead.

Patsy Field, Using Influence to Embrace Disability and Raise Awareness

Patsy has utilized her platform to discuss her disability openly and has candidly shared her self-consciousness and frustrations about her condition on social media.

Addressing her followers, she revealed: “Something you might not know about me is that I have a disability.”

She mentioned she never really talked about it on social media because she is a bit self-conscious about it.

She said,

“Most people say they haven’t noticed it, or they’ve never noticed it before, but once I mention it, if you go back and watch my old videos, you’ll be able to see it.”

Initially hesitant about her disability, Patsy now openly discusses it, raising awareness and educating people about it.

Her inclusion in the show is anticipated to raise awareness of her condition and infuse positive energy into the cast.

Additional Information

  • Patsy’s inclusion follows MailOnline’s report that model Grace Jackson, Liverpool makeup artist Samantha Kenny, and Welsh rugby player Ciaran Davies secured a place on the show.
  • While Patsy has never allowed her disability to define her, she is also eager for the chance to enlighten viewers who may not be familiar with Erb’s palsy.
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