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Buying London Cast Juliana Ardenius Has Not Done Any Lips Surgery

Juliana Ardenius is known for her role in "Buying London."

Juliana Ardenius revealed she was homeless before Buying London, and now her success as an interior designer has made her a millionaire.

31 years old, Julian Ardenius was born in 1993 in Sweden.


  • Fans noticed her lower lips were bigger, which led to speculation about possible surgery.
  • Juliana Ardeinus has never confirmed that she has undergone any lip surgery.
  • Recently, she made her appearance in the Netflix show called Buying London.

She is originally from a small farming town in Sweden but moved to the UK in 2017.

Ardenius is an interior designer at the luxury real estate company DDRE Global. She is appearing in the famous Netflix show called Buying London.

The show is set within a super-luxury agency run by mogul Daniel Daggers.

It features gorgeous London townhomes, sprawling country estates, and even more drama between the men and women who sell them.

The show’s first episode premiered on Netflix on May 22, 2024. The first season will consist of seven episodes.

Buying London Cast Juliana Ardenius Lips Looks Natural

Juliana Ardenius, known for her role in “Buying London,” has recently caught the attention of fans due to her noticeably different lips.

Fans have pointed out that her lower lip looks bigger than it used to, leading to speculation about possible plastic surgery.

Fans began to wonder if Juliana had undergone a lip augmentation procedure. Her lips appear fuller, which many believe doesn’t look natural.

Despite the buzz, Juliana has not publicly stated that she is having lip surgery. She has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Moreover, there are no posts on her social media handles that can suggest that she had any surgery on her body.

It also seems like Juliana Ardenius’s lip surgery misunderstanding with another renowned personality with the same name.

That person is the Costa Rican model Juliana Aherz. Once she posted on her Instagram handle about her lip surgery, She captioned,

Apparently my lips and eye shape is thanks to surgery. Guess I got them done as a baby

Additional Information

  • Juliana Ardenius has an estimated net worth of around $2 million as of 2024.
  • Before settling in the UK, she traveled the world as a model after winning Miss Congeniality at Miss Teen Universe in 2013.
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