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Gypsy Rose’s Weight Gain Contradicts Her Eating Disorder Rumors

Gypsy Rose was medically abused by her mentally challenged mother.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is back with her intriguing story after serving time for seven long years.

In the upcoming docuseries Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup, we will explore Gypsy’s life, how she navigates her love life and the ups and downs of being an ex-convict in society.


  • The feeding tube insertion surgery sparked the rumors about Gypsy Rose having an eating disorder.
  • Gypsy was a victim of her mother’s Munchausen by proxy, suffering years of unnecessary medical treatments and abuse. Most likely, she didn’t have an eating disorder.
  • As she was serving time behind the bars, Gypsy experienced significant weight gain and underwent cosmetic surgery, highlighting her journey of recovery and self-reclamation.

Gypsy Rose became popular overnight after being released from prison for murdering her mother, Dee Dee.

Her mother was sick with Munchausen by proxy, and Gypsy was the victim of the disease when she was subjected to medical abuse and faked illnesses.

Consequently, Gypsy spent her life thinking she had multiple health conditions and had to spent the most of her life in jeopardy.

Later, she discovered that everything was a lie and conspired to kill her mom with her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn.

Although Gypsy’s motive was clear, and she had been wronged by her own mother, taking the law into her own hands was not fair either.

As the questions emerge, we are here to cover if Gypsy Rose’s eating disorder was also a lie plotted by her sick mother or if she actually acquired the disease due to massive stress.

Gypsy Rose’s Feeding Tube Insertion Surgery Sparked Rumors Of Eating Disorder

The extraordinary story of Gypsy Rose has been depicted in the series The Act, where the injustice poured by her mother can be clearly visualized.

The show showcased the painful procedure that she went through, although the feeding tube was not necessary for her.

In an interview with ABC, she opened up about how the feeding tube was inserted inside her.

She said,

I knew I didn’t need a feeding tube. I knew I could walk but just couldn’t help it. I thought she knew best and didn’t question it.

The feeding tube is the device that is used when a patient cannot consume food and take nutrition through their mouth.

Although the specifics about her having an eating disorder have not been mentioned, its rumor might have commenced after people knew about her feeding tube insertion surgery.

From the looks of it, it appears that Gypsy didn’t have an eating disorder because all other health conditions, like leukemia, epilepsy, and seizures, were made up and the outcome of Dee Dee’s manipulations.

Gypsy Rose Has Had A Noticeable Weight Gain During Incarceration

Gypsy Rose reportedly has undergone a significant physical transformation during her time in prison.

TikTok videos and Reddit discussions have highlighted Gypsy Rose’s substantial weight gain while she was serving her time.

It’s astonishing to know how she started gaining weight once in prison when she never gained weight while receiving all the ailments.

This means that her mother had kept her so malnourished and underfed that the prison food was actually better than what she was getting at home.

Thus, the change in the surroundings and food patterns might have contributed to her sudden weight gain.

Having said that her weight gain wouldn’t have been possible if she actually suffered from an eating disorder.

In a recent interview for the Lifetime special “Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard,” she confirmed having a lazy eye.

When Gypsy was around a year old, she had sleep apnea, which was the only health issue she genuinely suffered from, contrary to her mother’s claims of multiple illnesses.

In addition, recent reports indicate that Gypsy Rose has undergone cosmetic surgery, including a breast reduction, as she continued to transform her appearance.

Thus, Gypsy’s weight gain and her decision to undergo plastic surgery highlight the beginning of her journey of self-reclamation after experiencing years of abuse and deception from her mother.

Additional Information

  • Gypsy Rose was married to Ryan Scott Anderson, but she announced her separation from him three months after her release.
  • Gypsy Rose’s documentary Gypsy Rose Life After Lock Up will be released on May 3, 2024.
  • Rose was born on July 27, 1991 and she turns 32 this 2024.
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