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Michael Crichton’s Daughter, Taylor Crichton, Ascends to a Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth

Michael Crichton's daughter, Taylor Crichton, has carved her path in a diverse career.

Taylor Crichton is the daughter of the late renowned author Michael Crichton, best known for works such as “Jurassic Park” and “The Andromeda Strain.”

Michael Crichton’s daughter, Taylor Anne Crichton, is the child from his first marriage to Suzanne Childs.


  • Taylor Anne Crichton, daughter of renowned author Michael Crichton, emerged from his first marriage to Suzanne Childs.
  • Following Michael Crichton’s passing in 2008, a legal dispute arose between Taylor and his fifth wife, Sherri, over his estate and assets, notably his art collection.
  • Taylor Crichton has amassed an estimated net worth of around $10 million through the inheritance and her successful arts administration and communications career.

After Michael Crichton died in 2008, Taylor and Crichton’s fifth wife, Sherri, were involved in a legal battle over his estate and assets, including his art collection.

Sherri Crichton is now focused on teaching their young son, John Michael Todd Crichton, who was born in 2009 after the author’s death, about his father’s legacy.

Unlike John, Taylor had the opportunity to know her father, Michael, personally, being his daughter from an earlier marriage.

A Look Into Inheritance And A Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth Of Taylor Crichton

Taylor Crichton, the 31– year-old daughter of the late bestselling author Michael Crichton- has built a successful arts administration and communications career.

Despite her father’s estimated net worth of $400 million at his death, it is unclear how much of this fortune Taylor inherited, especially after legal disputes regarding her half-brother John’s share of the estate.

However, she has also spoken up about the planned sale of her father’s art collection, indicating she was involved in matters related to his estate.

Christie’s managed that auction and estimated that Crichton’s art could fetch around $100 million. The proceeds went to beneficiaries designated by the novelist, including family and friends.

Indeed, it is reasonable to assume that Crichton inherited a significant portion of her father, Michael Crichton’s, substantial net worth.

Her diverse career and inheritance contributed to her estimated net worth of around $10 million.

Hence, Taylor Crichton’s inheritance from her father, combined with her successful career in arts administration, positions her for financial stability and continued professional growth.

Taylor Crichton’s Distinguished Career From Arts Administration and Communications at Columbia University To Photography

Taylor Crichton studied at Columbia University and currently works as the Assistant Director of Communications and Program Administration at Columbia University’s Arts Initiative.

Crichton has established a distinguished career in arts administration and communications.

She is the Assistant Director of Communications and Program Administration at Columbia University’s Arts Initiative.

Previously, she was the Audience Services Manager at Miller Theatre at Columbia University, where she handled front-of-house operations and customer experience.

Her earlier roles include marketing and box office positions at Dorset Theatre Festival, The Boston Conservatory, Cleveland Play House, Premiere Stages, and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.

Throughout her career, Taylor has demonstrated expertise in managing communications, marketing strategies, and audience services in the arts sector.

Moreover, her passion for photography, as evidenced by her LinkedIn profile, likely serves as a creative outlet and may even offer additional income opportunities through freelance work or commissioned projects.

This diversified skill set, spanning arts administration, communications, and photography, has positioned Taylor for success and likely played a significant role in amassing her substantial wealth.

Additional Information

  • Taylor Anne is the daughter of Michael Crichton and his fourth wife.
  • Michael Crichton was initially diagnosed with lymphoma in early 2008, which later progressed into throat cancer. Regrettably, he passed away on November 4, 2008, at the age of 66.
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