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Filmmaker Colin Furze Had One Son Jake With His Girlfriend Charlotte Stapling

Colin and Charlotte lives together with their son in the house which they bought in 2009.

Colin Furze is known for appearing as an expert on Gadgets Geeks, the short-lived Sky1 series.

44 years old, Colin Furze was born on October 14, 1979, in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.


  • Colin Furze is currently in a relationship with girlfriend Charlotte Stapling. They haven’t tied the knot yet.
  • Colin and Charlotte have one son named Jake Furze, who is walking in his father’s footsteps.
  • Colin built a giant Star Wars AT-ACT for his son Jake in the garden.

Colin Furze is a filmmaker, inventor, stuntman, and YouTube personality who made his TV debut by appearing as the Mystery Guest in 1st episode of Russel Howard’s Good News.

He has been number one on the Science Channel show Outrageous Acts of Science multiple times.

Furze also appeared on the E4 show Virtually Famous two times, where he demonstrated his wolverine claws on July 28, 2014.

Moreover, Colin appeared as a guest in the third season of the German TV game show Joko gegen Klaas—Das Duell um die Welt.

Colin Furze Is In A Relationship With Girlfriend Charlotte Stapling

A filmmaker and inventor, Colin Furze has been dating his girlfriend, Charlotte Stapling, since 2006.

Charlotte keeps helping Colin Furze with new inventions and is used to watching her boyfriend create mad-cap contraptions. She wisely steers clear of his riskier experiments.

Colin thanked her girlfriend, Charlotte, through the Instagram post for making proper preparations during the meetup program of the Maker’s community. He captioned,

Thank you @makerscentral for bringing together the maker’s community.
Cheers to @1rickystarr @tomlamb980 and Charlotte for all the prep, logistics, and tea break control.
It was amazing to meet so many fans of the channel, it certainly makes it all real.

Colin bought his first house with Charlotte Stapling in 2009, but the couple hasn’t married yet.

However, some sources claim Charlotte is Colin Furze’s wife. On Reddit, one of his fans posted,

Does Colin Furze really live in that house or is it just used as a set?
I can’t imagine his wife and kid(s) are happy about having a giant tunnel dug under the house and drilling through the kitchen floor. Maybe he’s bought another house for them to actually live in and this house is just for wacky hijinks.

Colin Furze’s Son Is Walking In The Footsteps Of His Father

Colin Furze and Charlotte Stapling were blessed with one son named Jake Furze in 2012. As of 2024, Jake is 12 years old.

Jake is also involved in his father Colin’s wild ideas and inventions. Colin has built a giant Star Wars AT-ACT for his son in their backyard.

Father Colin and son Jake share a strong bond. Jake keeps appearing on his father’s YouTube videos and social media handles.

On August 2, 2020, Colin posted a photo of his son wearing the same hoodie. He captioned,

Father n Son rocking the New Furze Hoodies. Available now at colinfurzeshop.com link in bio. #colinfurze #colinfurzeshop #merch #hoodies #fathernson #minifurze

Moreover, some sources have claimed that Colin also has one daughter. However, no evidence or photos are available.

Additional Information

  • Colin Furze has an estimated net worth of $2.12 million as of 2024.
  • Furze has one sister named Ellie Furze, with whom he spent his childhood.
  • Colin dropped out of school at the age of 16 to become a plumber.
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