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Exploring Dominique Defoe’s Mixed Ethnicity & Her Turbulent Journey on Perfect Match with Bryton Constantin

Dominique Defoe from Perfect Match Season 2 has a mixed ethnic background.

In the latest episode of season 2 of Perfect Match, aired on Friday, June 7, 2024, viewers were treated to the entrance of Netflix stars.

Season 2 of Perfect Match started with an intense pairing between Dominique Defoe from “Too Hot to Handle” and Bryton Constantin from “Squid Game: The Challenge.”


  • Dominique Defoe hails from a mixed ethnic background, being half Dominican and half Filipino.
  • Defoe showcased her talents and versatility, ranging from computer science expertise to tarot card reading and influencing.
  • Dominique expressed dissatisfaction with how their interactions were portrayed on the show, revealing that the real issue was Bryton’s alleged “hateful rhetoric” towards certain groups.

However, their relationship took a sharp downturn, because of heated arguments from the start. Unfortunately, Bryton’s stint on the show was brief, as he was eliminated in episode 2.

His behavior on-screen drew criticism from fans, particularly regarding his interactions with Dominique.

Dominique expressed that she had a negative impression of Bryton from the outset and was emotional about how their interactions were portrayed on the show.

However, as a result, Dominique Defoe from Too Hot to Handle season 4 garnered increased attention.

Here’s everything we know about Too Hot To Handle’s star, Dominique Defoe’s ethnicity and family.

Perfect Match Contestant Dominique Defoe Is Of Mixed Ethnicity: Half Dominican And Half Filipino

Dominique Defoe, known for her appearance on “Too Hot to Handle,” boasts a diverse background. She was raised in a household that blends Dominican and Filipino cultures.

Her racial and ethnic heritage mixes Black and Asian, with her mother hailing from the Philippines and her father from the Dominican Republic.

Born on November 11, 1999, in Boulder, Colorado, to immigrant parents, Dominique shares her upbringing with her sister, Cris Defoe, making up a tight-knit family of four.

Despite having a mixed heritage background, Dominique Defoe’s nationality is American, as she was born and raised in the United States.

Although Defoe generally keeps her parents out of the public eye, she has occasionally shared glimpses of her relationship with her mother on social media through videos and posts.

Dominique Defoe’s Journey on “Perfect Match” and the Fallout With Bryton Constantin

From her computer science expertise to her tarot card reader and influencer skills, Dominique Defoe has exemplified versatility and intellect.

Hailing from Colorado, the 24 -year-old has captivated audiences with her diverse talents.

Additionally, Dominique bravely came out as bisexual following her appearance on Too Hot To Handle Season 4.

On “Perfect Match,” Dominique and Bryton argued about yoga and a challenge on the aired episodes, but Dominique revealed on TikTok that the real issue was Bryton’s ‘hateful rhetoric‘ towards certain groups.

Defoe stood up for them, causing heated arguments that were not shown on TV. She was worried how their fights about hate speech would be shown, fearing she’d look like she overreacted.

She chose to leave Bryton for Chris Hahn despite initial doubts. But Chris also showed signs of trouble by focusing on Dominique’s sexuality.

Bryton addressed the situation on TikTok, feeling glad he left before a kissing challenge. He claimed to be “logical and real” compared to other “fake” reality TV stars.

Fans have expressed discomfort with Bryton’s behavior towards her, mentioning that it is ‘uncomfortable to watch,’ highlighting the need for respectful interactions on reality TV.

Additional Information

  • Dominique was previously a contestant on “Too Hot to Handle” Season 4, where she was a finalist but did not end up with anyone. However, she had a relationship with Nigel Jones on that show.
  • Dominique Defoe’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.
  • She describes herself as a “writer, tech wizard, witch” on her Instagram bio.
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