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Did Felix Mallard Help Aza Holmes Beat The OCD And Anxiety? Turtles All the Way Down Plot Explained

Felix Mallard’s character, Davis Pickett, helps Turtles All the Way Down’s protagonist, Aza Holmes, face her mental problems head-on.

Imagine being afraid of things you can’t see, but you know they exist.

Turtles All The Way Down is not a story about makeup ghosts or monsters hiding under your bed; it is about OCD and a teen struggling to overcome her anxiety about, of all things, bacteria.

Key Takeaways

  • In the movie, Felix Mallard portrays Isabela Merced’s character, Aza’s love interest, Davis Pickett.
  • Turtles All The Way Down strays away from typical teenage drama and instead explores teens’ struggles with mental trauma.
  • Our review team discovered stunning plot twists and a bittersweet end of the drama.

This movie was a tough nut to crack for the Departure Film’s review team. We found out that OCD and mental issues barely cover the enigmatic character like Aza.

Behind the apparent plotline of Aza’s mental health struggle lies the mystery of a fugitive billionaire. And, as always, Felix Mallard and Isabela Merced (Aza) delivered fantastic performances.

Warning: this article contains major spoilers for Turtles All The Way Down.

Felix Mallard’s Character Is The Driving Factor Behind Aza Seeking Professional Help

Aza Holmes thinks about bacteria at every step of her life. Her intrusive thoughts keep her up at night and dominate her mind throughout the day.

Then, handsome Davis enters the picture. Davis and Aza are childhood friends who lost contact midway.

While Pickett is smitten by Holmes, she and her friend Daisy (Cree) are secretly trying to find his missing billionaire dad. Still, Aza can’t help but fall for Davis.

But, there is a problem. The teen constantly overthinks their physical touches and closeness. She also had a massive reaction after kissing Davis.

You can’t have a boyfriend. You can’t go to college. You can’t even control your own brain.

From Turtles All The Way Down Trailer

Aza opens up about her issues with her boyfriend, who is ready to help her beat OCD and anxiety.

Turtles All The Way Down’s Ending Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Looking at the trailer, the review team at The Departure Film initially guessed a happy ending for our main couple. We definitely should have first read the novel.

Davis and Aza bond over their struggles through the midway of the movie. Holmes confesses her desire to be close to Davis conflicts with her overpowering intrusive thoughts.

Likewise, Pickett opens up about losing his mother and having an absent father.

Unfortunately, Aza’s condition only worsens, and she is unable to give physical intimacy and closeness to Davis. Long story short, the couple part ways.

Davis Pickett leaves the town before sending his ex-girlfriend a gift. However, the pair are no longer talking, and their reconciliation seems uncertain.

Although the ending of Turtles All The Way Down may not be Davis-Aza fans’ favorite, our review team guarantees you will be satisfied when the credits begin to roll.

Additional Information About Felix Mallard

  • Felix Mallard is from Melbourne, Australia. He started acting at 15 and debuted as Ben Kirk in Neighbors.
  • The Australian actor was born to his loving parents, Dave and Jane Mallard.
  • Felix Mallard has a young sister named Tiana Mallard.
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