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Carlos Massola, Celebrated Cuban Actor’s Wikipedia Surges Amid The News Of His Passing

Carlos' mother and daughter waited more than seven hours for the arrival of a hearse.

Carlos Massola was a prominent Cuban actor in Havana, Cuba, who passed away in Havana at the age of 62.

His passing was mourned by colleagues, fans, and fellow actors who acknowledged his contributions to Cuban culture.


  • Carlos Massola was a renowned Cuban actor who was born in Havana in 1962 and passed away in the same city at the age of 62.
  • Beyond his acting achievements, Massola actively advocated political reform in Cuba, campaigning to release political prisoners.
  • Carlos Massola’s daughter revealed that they endured a seven-hour wait for a hearse to arrive and take her father’s body after his death.

He contributed significantly to Cuban cinema, television, and theater throughout his career. Known for his versatile acting skills, Massola starred in several notable productions.

Massola’s performances were celebrated for their depth and authenticity, portraying various characters that resonated with audiences.

Carlos Massola, 62, An Actor, Activist, and Advocate for Change in Cuban Cinema

Carlos Massola, born in 1962 in Havana, Cuba, was a distinguished actor who was celebrated for his contributions to Cuban cinema, television, and theater.

His acting earned him recognition both locally and internationally.

Throughout his career, Massola showcased his versatility and talent in various roles, becoming a well-known figure in the Cuban art scene.

He starred in several significant productions, including “Juan of the Dead” (2011), a comedy-horror film that gained international acclaim, and “El Benny” (2006), in which he portrayed a memorable character who contributed to the biopic of Benny Moré.

Moreover, he voiced support for political change in Cuba, calling for the release of political prisoners and contributing to social discourse within the country.

Massola’s activism extended to meeting with activists and relatives of political prisoners, demonstrating his commitment to human rights causes.

His involvement in politics was not just limited to vocal advocacy but also included participating in discussions and events aimed at addressing societal issues and advocating for reform.

Despite his wide fame, Carlos Massola is not yet featured on Wikipedia but has a dedicated IMDb profile.

Carlos Massola’s Daughter’s Struggle Amid Seven-Hour Wait for Hearse

When Carlos Massola passed away, he was living with his mother, for whom he was the primary caregiver because of her medical needs.

Carlos was likely married, as he has a daughter, although details about his wife are not extensively covered.

In one interview, he mentioned a bit about his daughter’s mother (probably his wife) and said,

My family supports me, of course. My daughter, my daughter’s mother, supports me. My daughter’s mother, through moments of desperation, is afraid, and asks me to be quiet. But being silent is worse. I think we have to talk. There are people who tell you: ‘you’re crazy, you’re not going to solve anything.’ I won’t be able to solve anything but at least I’m not going to stay silent, without saying how I think. Nobody is going to stop me there.”

Carlos Massola

Massola’s daughter reported that they waited seven hours for a hearse to arrive to collect her father Carlos’ body.

Moreover, in a Facebook post, she expressed her desperation and confusion over how this could have happened.

Her father passed away early on July 3, in the morning at their home in Havana, and by 5:00 PM, the funeral car had still not arrived.

Massola’s mother stated that she just wanted them to take the body so she could sit down and process everything that had happened, as she had been waiting with her son for the transfer since early morning.

Additional Information

  • Carlos Massola, mostly recognized for playing villainous roles in Cuban television, gave an interview in October 2023 where he mentioned feeling censored in Cuba.
  • According to Periodico Cubano, the actor Carlos Massola “felt sick to his stomach” and consulted a doctor, who prescribed him eight metronidazoles.
  • The next day, they called him, and he didn’t respond, so his mother and family went to see him at his apartment, where they found him dead in a pool of blood and feces.
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