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Owning Manhattan Star Jade Shenker Symbolizes Unique Blend Of Jewish-Caribbean Ethnicity

Jade Shenker has served on planning and zoning boards in South Florida.

Jade Shenker has garnered people’s attention from her ethnic background through her appearance in Owning Manhattan.

Shenker fought back at her fake costar, Jonathan Normolle, over his comments about her and a fellow broker on the series.


  • Jade Shenker’s father is Jewish, and her mother is of Caribbean descent.
  • Shenker’s father inherited and expanded his great-grandfather, Sol Shenker’s business.
  • She has become a Top 30 Under 30 break estate advisor and investor.

The podcast recorded for the company caused a huge show fallout, and Jonathan was forced to apologize for his cruel comments.

Later, Jonathan gets fired by Ryan Serhant on the Manhattan skyscraper’s roof deck, The Edge at Hudson Yards.

Jade admits that she felt grateful to her boss for making the decision in her favor.

Jade Shenker’s Parents Are Originally From United States

Jade Shenker, the star of Owning Manhattan, seems to have a Jewish-Caribbean heritage. Born to American parents, Jade Shenker is an American citizen and holds American nationality.

Her father, Marc Shenker, is Jewish, and her mother, Catherine Fingal, is from the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Jade’s father, Marc, expanded the business of her great-grandfather, Sol Shenker, in the 1970s by buying several residential buildings in the East Village.

Marc passed on his passion for the real estate business to his daughter, Jade.

Jade shared her childhood photo with her father on her Instagram handle, showing their close bond. She captioned,

To the coolest father in the whole world. I love you so much. You make me crazy and your the only person who can really get me mad, but we are parts of the same soul. Every aspect of my personality I get from you, and as I grow I only see more and more of yourself in me. Raised me to think of myself as a princess. I am my fathers daughter, daddy’s girl. All hail Papa Shenks, best father,tennis player, vegan, casanova! I love you daddy

Her mother, Catherine, is a photographer and filmmaker who has been hailed as an art director, actor, casting director, set dresser, Boom operator, and many more.

Jade Shenker Is The First Female Real Estate Tycoon In Her Family

Through her Instagram handle, Shenker announced that she is the first female of a 4 generation real estate tycoon bloodline.

28 years old, Jade Shenker was born on March 4, 1996, in the Upper East side of New York City and was raised in Miami.

Shenker is an NYC socialite and strategist who has become a Top 30 Under 30 break estate advisor and investor.

Jade is not just a commercial real estate agent but also an innovator, strategist, and leader.

She has exploded records and redefined success in the commercial real estate industry as a top-selling agent at Serhant.

Her notable achievements include restructuring, repositioning, and remarketing projects to achieve her clients’ highest and best use.

Beyond her professional achievements, she has served on planning and zoning boards in South Florida and remains an East Village Block Association member.

Additional Information

  • Jade Shenker has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2024.
  • Shenker was married to her ex-husband, Matthew Denham, in 2021.
  • Her father, Marc, struggled with Dementia when Jade was 18 years old.
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