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Chelsea Peretti’s Character Gina Linette Lost Two Front Teeth Due To Bowling Ball

Digital Tongue was added to make Chelsea's tongue visible through the gap.

Chelsea Peretti came out with two front teeth missing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4, episode 5.

Peretti and her husband, Jordan Peele, have officially become parents.


  • Chelsea Peretti’s character, Gina, lost her teeth at a fourth-grade birthday party.
  • Chelsea gave birth to a new baby boy named Beaumont Gino Peele.
  • Digital tongue was used to make Gina’s tongue visible through the gap.

E! News has revealed that Peretti gave birth to a baby boy named Beaumont Gino Peele on July 1, 2024.

The couple broke the pregnancy news in early February when Chelsea took to Instagram, revealing she is expecting her first child with the comedian.

Peretti quickly snapped a photo at The Broad Museum showing off her baby bump in a grey T-shirt.

Chelsea Peretti Got Her Front Teeth Painted

Shortly after Peretti’s appearance in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, uncertainty fueled a discussion among people who thought of using dental implants, some using CGI.

Chelsea Peretti herself revealed through her Twitter that her teeth were painted. She wrote,

those who apparently google if i have all my teeth – yes i do. for that b99 bit we painted my front teeth black. thanks so much!

Despite the statement, some fans were still confused as her tongue was clearly visible through the gap.

Later, Chelsea Peretti revealed on her Twitter saying,

that was done in a post-production.

Even Chelsea Peretti has posted a photo of painted teeth on her Twitter header photo section.

She painted her teeth to justify the character Gina Linetti, who Chelsea played in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Gina is the main character in all of the show’s seasons 1-5 and the first four episodes of season 6.

Moreover, she was the 99th Precinct’s sardonic civilian administrator and Captain Holt’s assistant, who, despite not caring about her job, is sometimes shown to be very good at it.

Although Gina was not a detective, she was part of a squad and even joined them at the Detective Only getaway.

In the Halloween IV episode, Gina loses her two front teeth at a fourth-grade birthday party when she skates like a pro and then spends seven minutes in heaven with Todd Cohen, during which a bowling ball falls on her face.

Many fans wondered if the actress had been wearing fake teeth this entire time.

When Chelsea Peretti left Brooklyn Nine-Nine, her teeth made her one of the show’s most memorable characters.

Her last appearance on the show was on season 6’s fourth episode, titled Four Movements.

Additional Information

  • Chelsea Peretti has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of [current year].
  • Peretti was born to Amanda Cherkin, a schoolteacher, and Gene Peretti, a criminal defense lawyer and painter. 
  • Her father is of Italian-English descent, and her mother is Jewish.
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