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RHOD Sara Al Madani Dated Michele Morrone After The Split With Her Ex Husband

Sara Al Madani hasn't spilled tea on her first ex-husband.

Sara Al Madani has been married twice but has separated from both husbands. She is in the spotlight due to her new boyfriend, Akin Fontana.

The women of The Real Housewives of Dubai come from diverse backgrounds but share one commonality: wealth.

Despite the show’s title, not all are traditional housewives, including Sara Al Madani, who has been married twice.


  • Rumors on Reddit are swirling about Sara Al Madani’s personal life, specifically concerning her first ex-husband and current relationships.
  • Allegations suggest that Sara’s ex-husband was rumored to be gay rather than a cheater, and that Sara ended their marriage to pursue a relationship with Michele Morrone.
  • Additionally, the gossip mentions Sara’s current husband hails from New Jersey, with his mother owning a salon.

Today, Sara is a single mom and a busy entrepreneur running her own businesses.

As for her ex-husbands, details about them and whether they appear on the show haven’t been widely discussed by Sara during the series premiere.

Before marrying Mustafa Khawaja, she married and had a child with her first husband. Sadly, their relationship didn’t last long.

She hadn’t talked much about her first husband. However, her affair with Michele Morrone, an Italian actor notable for the movie 365 Days, has stolen the limelight.

Michele Morrone Isn’t The First Ex-Husband Of Sara Al Madani

It appears that neither of Sara Al Madani’s two ex-husbands will be featured on The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Sara Al Madani’s second husband, whom she married in 2019, was entrepreneur Mustafa Khawaja.

But Sara and Mustafa didn’t have children together.

So, we’ll take the lid off Sara’s first husband, with whom she hasn’t spilled the tea with fans.

She explained that she had her son Maktoum when she was 30 years old.

During her pregnancy, she split from his father, and they led separate lives thereafter.

After giving birth, she took on the responsibility of raising him alone, fulfilling the roles of both financial provider and caregiver—acting as both his mother and father.

Rumors are circulating on Reddit about Sara Al Madani’s personal life, particularly regarding her first ex-husband and her current relationships.

These claims suggest that Sara’s ex-husband was rumored to be gay, not a cheater, and that Sara left him to pursue a relationship with Michele Morrone.

The gossip also mentions that Sara’s husband is originally from New Jersey and that his mother owns a salon.

When Sara Al Madani was the token woman at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce, she was dismissed from the position.

The rumors suggested that she used her influence to bring Michele Morrone to Dubai and had an extramarital affair with him.

It’s important to note that hearsay on social media platforms like Reddit may not always be accurate or verified.

Instagram Page Reveals Sara Al Madani And Michele Morrone Drama

In the Tattle forum, someone mentioned that they knew someone who created an Instagram page but quickly deleted it once the truth began to surface.

Meanwhile, an Instagram page called “covidcouplemichelemorronesaraa” alleges that Sara and Michele were in a relationship.

There are some pictures that show Michele spending time with her children.

It claims Michele had Sara’s name tattooed on his wrist but later had it removed.

The page blames Michele for hiding this relationship while continuing to pursue other love interest.

Additional Information

  • Sara clarified near the episode’s conclusion that Akin Fontana wasn’t her boyfriend yet.
  • She described herself as “old school,” emphasizing her intention to get to know him first truly, introduce him to her family.
  • Sara’s love interest, Akin, is a certified personal trainer who divides his time between New York, Germany, and Dubai.
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