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Catreisa Johnson Was Hospitalized Due To Kidney Related Disease

As per Catreisa's last video on TikTok, she was in a Coma.

Catreisa Johnson passed away after battling with kidney-related disease.

Catreisa Johnson, a TikTok, social media influencer, and comedian, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.


  • Catreisa Johnson was suffering from a kidney-related disease, which took her life on June 23, 2024.
  • Internet sensation Johnson was once hospitalized after sniffing a chemical substance.
  • Her sister announced the news of Catreisa’s passing through her Facebook handle.

According to her Facebook profile, Catreisa Johnson was originally from Lake View, South Australia.

Her sister shared the news of her tragic passing through her official Facebook handle.

Her close ones and friends have sent heartfelt condolences to Catreisa and her family.

Catreisa Johnson Was In A Hospital Before Passing

The news of Catreisa’s tragic passing has shocked the whole TikTok community.

As per Catreisa’s last video on TikTok, she was in a Coma. In the video, she explained her experience at the hospital after waking up from a coma. She said,

I’m so happy to be alive

The TikTok channel nowthatsentertainmentllc has posted a video of Catreisa Johnson lying on a hospital bed. In the comment section, one fan commented,

kidneys is no joke to play with, lord cover her

According to the comment, she was suffering from a kidney disease. Many fans provided Catreisa with the courage to battle the disease.

But, sadly, Catreisa couldn’t survive. She took her last breath on June 23, 2024.

Catreisa Was Once Hospitalized For Sniffing Chemical Substance

The video posted on YouTube three years ago, titled “Pray for Catreisa Johnson. She explains why she went to the hospital,” in which Catreisa explains why she was hospitalized.

She said,

i was in the hospital because i was sniffing cocaine that night and then it laid me in the hospital where i couldn’t breathe and not damn near diet so that’s why i was in the hospital none of y’all saying on the lounge speaking some real am i prepared for this we gonna do all that we got her jb only live talking i really know what’s going on, i ain’t got corona or nothing in the fourth time i damned to lose my life from north carol county the fourth senate the first three times this lady named dorothy hicks she saved my life three times but the fourth time i caught the ambulance and what was the hospital

Moreover, on April 26, 2024, a TikTok account named real raw-and uncut posted a video of Catreisa where she explained her battle with another disease named PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen).

Many fans have also said that Catreisa is faking her illness, while some have wished her a speedy recovery.

However, the internet sensation has battled with various types of disease at such a young age, which unfortunately took her life.

Additional Information

  • Catreisa Johnson had one sister named Kway Janee, who announced her sister’s passing.
  • Johnson completed her schooling at Fairley High School.
  • Catreisa Johnson’s official TikTok account had over 87k followers and 122k likes.
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