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Monica Calhoun’s Pregnancy Rumor Proven To Be Groundless

Monica Calhoun's changing appearance, notably her substantial weight gain, has prompted pregnancy speculation among fans and media sources.

Monica Calhoun, best known for her role as Mia Sullivan in the Best Man series, has captured significant attention due to the speculations about her pregnancy.

Calhoun was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later moved to California for her schooling.

36 years old


  • Despite Monica Calhoun’s silence on the matter, her altered appearance, particularly noticeable weight gain, has fueled speculation among fans and media outlets.
  • While Monica Calhoun has been open about her motherhood journey and her son’s special needs, she remains private about certain aspects, notably the identity of her son’s father.
  • Despite her thriving career, Monica Calhoun’s primary focus appears to be her role as a mother.

She started acting when she was six and debuted in 1985 as Wanda in the film Children of The Night.

The actress has a son born in 2000; however, names and other details are yet to be revealed.

The paternal link of her son is a matter of mystery. Although Monica had romantic involvements with Miguel A. Nunez Jr., they have not confirmed that he is the father of her son.

The internet has been abuzz with Monica Calhoun’s pregnancy rumors in 2024. Are they real or just another hoax lurking in the streets of celebrity gossip?

Monica Calhoun’s Noticeable Weight Gain Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

The recent pictures posted on Monica Calhoun’s Instagram hint that she has notably gained weight.

As she posted her recent photo on her Instagram handle along with her son, a wave of shock surfaced among her fans, learning about her altered appearance.

Before that, she was only consistently posting throwback photos from a long time back, leading to desperation in getting updates on her whereabouts.

Monica looked different than before, with chubby cheeks in the latest photo. However, there were no visible signs of a baby bump in her public appearances, contributing to the uncertainty of the rumors.

As of 2024, Monica has remained completely silent on her social media platforms and interviews regarding her probable pregnancy news.

She has not admitted the intensity of the news nor denied them. Thus, she has not made official confirmation about her pregnancy.

Until Monica directly addresses the rumors or provides an official statement, the rumors about her pregnancy will remain rumors without any concrete roots.

Monica Calhoun’s Remarkable Motherhood Journey Strengthens Her Son With Special Needs

The actress loves sharing her little happy moments with her son on social media. The mother-son duo loves to match clothes and attend events together.

She is an ideal example of motherhood. She has done her best to strengthen her son’s weaknesses, and she doesn’t consider blindness a weakness at all.

It is fascinating how she takes time out for her son despite her hectic schedule.

In 2018, the actress took to her Instagram and posted a heartwarming video in which she can be seen teaching swimming to her son.

The video witnessed how she taught her son, who is incapable of seeing, to float on his back in the swimming pool.

It depicted the amount of trust her son had in her mother to rely on her without a second doubt completely.

One of the followers commented,

There is no greater bond than the bond between mother and child.

Monica is quite open about the disability and has clearly shared her take on her brother’s blindness and how it has been easier for her to take care of her own child.

She has spoken about how she grew up with a different background and how this has shaped her as an individual who sees things in a different light.

Although Monica has chosen to keep the name of her son private, we pretty much know everything about the bond they share.

Additional Information

  • The actress’s net worth is estimated at $5 million as of 2024.
  • Monica Calhoun’s character, Mia Sullivan, passes away in The Best Man series after being diagnosed with cancer.
  • In 2023, she appeared in the movie Deadly Entanglement and played the role of Diedra.
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