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Bethany Johnson, 20, Linked to Chicago Rapper Lil Scoom’s Tragic Passing!

Rumors say that Bethany Johnson was shot on 89th Ave, Chicago, IL, along with the rapper Lil Scoom.

Bethany Johnson, also known as NeNe Brooks, has been associated with a recent incident involving the shooting and killing of Chicago rapper Lil Scoom.

Lil Scoom, whose real name was Asyrion Hogan, was an 18-year-old rapper from Chicago.


  • Bethany Johnson, also known as NeNe Brooks, has been associated with the recent shooting and killing of Chicago rapper Lil Scoom (real name Asyrion Hogan).
  • Johnson, who resided in Chicago, Illinois, is currently believed to be in hiding due to numerous threats on her life. Her whereabouts remain unknown.
  • Initial claims suggested that Johnson was present at the shooting on 89th Avenue, while later conflicting reports hinted at her involvement in planning the attack.

In a tragic turn of events, popular Chicago rapper Lil Scoom was killed in a shooting on 89th Avenue.

The incident has sparked considerable interest on social media as information about the shooting and the role of Bethany Johnson, also known as Nene Brooks, continues to unfold.

Bethany Johnson, Aka NeNe Brook, Is A Resident Of Chicago!

Bethany Johnson, widely recognized as Nene Brooks, was residing in Chicago, Illinois.

According to her Facebook account, she is currently single. Moreover, she has mentioned that ‘I don’t Accept friend requests. I don’t have messenger.

Born on May 9, 2004, Bethany Johnson is currently 20 years old and also goes by the nickname NeNe Brooks or Luwop among her circle.

While she does not reveal many details about her background, she mentioned that Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High School shaped her formative years.

However, her life became increasingly complex when she was recently connected to Lil Scoom’s tragic passing through numerous social media reports.

While confirmed reports are not yet available, initial claims suggested that Nene was also present at the shooting incident on 89th Avenue.

@te_erika Explained – Nene Brooks is being blamed for the death of Lil Scoom in Chicago #chicago #storytimewithteerika #truecrime #greenscreen ♬ Mysterious and sad BGM(1120058) – S and N

Later conflicting reports suggested her involvement in planning the attack on Lil Scoom, though details about what triggered the shooting remain unclear.

Moreover, some reports and sites have mentioned that she was also killed along with Lil Scoom in that shooting incident. A social media post described the situation:

“A Black female known as ‘NeNe Brooks,’ government name Bethany Johnson, was shot and killed on 89th Ave, Chicago IL. Any information regarding this incident is crucial.”

However, her passing news has yet to be verified.

Additionally, TikTok user Te_erika shared that Lil Scoom’s mother blamed her son’s death on the company and friends he associated with, which further complicated this news.

She also shared NeNe’s screenshots of the text she sent to her sister, mentioning she is leaving the city.

Currently, Johnson’s whereabouts are unknown, and she is believed to be in hiding due to numerous threats to her life.

Additional Information

  • NeNe Brooks had a significant social media presence, with almost 5k followers on Facebook.
  • Lil Scoom89, known for his impactful presence in the Chicago rap scene, occasionally shared glimpses into his personal life through social media.
  • The police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding both deaths and are urging anyone with information to come forward to help solve these heinous crimes.
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