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Lil Scoom89’s Girlfriend Still Remains Mystey, Deciphering His Tweets and Lyrics!

Lil Scoom89 occasionally hinted at his relationship in his lyrics and tweets.

Lil Scoom89, a talented Chicago rapper known for tracks like “Scoom Da City” featuring Maf Teeski, had a notable presence in the music scene.

Some of his known tracks include songs like “We Ready,” “Nightcrawler,” “Runnin’ With Gravediggers,” and “Still Sippin.”


  • Living in Chicago, Lil Scoom89 captivated audiences with his music and witty lyrics from a young age.
  • In a candid tweet, he described his girlfriend as “mean asf,” reflecting his straightforward approach to personal moments.
  • Mikaela Mui expressed love and grief for Lil Scoom89 but did not directly define their relationship.

Tragically, it was reported on July 8, 2024, that Lil Scoom89 was fatally wounded and executed.

Living in Chicago, Lil Scoom89 rose to fame at a young age, captivating audiences with his music and witty lyrics.

Lil Scoom89’s Romantic Themes in Music, Yet Girlfriend Details Still Undisclosed!

Lil Scoom89, known for his impactful presence in the Chicago rap scene, occasionally shared glimpses into his personal life through social media.

In a notable tweet, he shared a candid insight about his relationship, stating,

“Ion even play that friendly shit no bap my girlfriend mean asf 📌.”

lil scoom👣

So, in simple words, this phrase translates to: “I don’t tolerate overly friendly behavior, no lie. My girlfriend is very tough.”

This tweet sparked curiosity among his fans, as it showed Lil Scoom89’s straightforward and unfiltered approach to sharing personal moments.

While the tweet doesn’t reveal detailed information about his girlfriend, it reflects his admiration for her confidence and perhaps protective qualities.

Moreover, One of Lil Scoom89’s songs contains lyrics that might allude to a relationship:


However, this is likely part of the song’s narrative and not indicative of the artist’s life.

While his music provided glimpses into his life experiences, including potential romantic themes in his lyrics, concrete details about his relationships are still being determined.

Moreover, a woman named Mikaela Mui has also expressed her love for the rapper after her demise, saying,

been crying all morning my shorty I wish I gave you a better hug last time I saw you in the stu…l wish I can call you and tell you I love you… wishing on a lot of things rn feels like I’m bouta lose my mind rest easy my lil scoomy

Mikaela Mui

Even though she shared a story remembering Lil Scoom, she didn’t directly refer to him as her boyfriend.

Finally, regardless of his relationship status, it’s crucial to approach such topics with respect for privacy, honoring Lil Scoom89’s legacy as a talented artist.

Additional Information

  • Lil Scoom’s real name was Asyrion Hogan, and he was just 18 years old when he passed away.
  • Lil Scoom’s mother and friends have organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for a balloon release this Friday, July 12, 2024. His godmother, Shaquita Deere, has also expressed sadness after his demise.
  • For those unfamiliar with Lil Scoom, aka Asyrion Hogan, he has performed over 50 songs.
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