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Worst Roommate Ever: Janie Lynn Ridd Tried To Take Custody Of Rachel’s Son Ryder

Rachel and Janie Lynn Ridd are best friends who have lived together for over 25 years.

After giving birth to a son, Rachel’s health got even worse, due to which she quit her job.

Rachel is a resident of Utah who has been best friends with Janie Lynn Ridd for over 25 years.


  • When Ryder was born in 2010 to Rachel, it was revealed that he had autism.
  • Rachel took out a $500,000 insurance policy for Ryder in the name of Janie.
  • Janie even tried to gain custody of Ryder, but it wasn’t successful. Currently, Ryder lives with his mother, Rachel.

But Ridd allegedly tried to poison Rachel with a strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which she bought from the dark web.

Rachel had 7 back surgeries between 2015 and 2018. She was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital for low blood sugar levels, even though she was not diabetic.

Later, Ridd was sentenced to a prison term of up to 5 years for attempted international abuse of a disabled or elderly adult and sentenced to one to 15 years for attempted possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

The whole story is featured in the first episode of Season 2 of the Netflix docuseries “Worst Roommate Ever.”

Rachel Took An Insurance Policy For Her Son Ryder

14 years old, Ryder was born to his mother, Rachel, and an undisclosed father in 2010. His father and mother separated before he was born.

As per the source, Ryder has autism, and so he is conversationally non-verbal.

Rachel was supported by her best friend, Janie, during her surgery and pregnancy. When Ryder was born, Rachel, being a single mom, first got a large life insurance policy.

However, Rachel could not pick Ryder up and take care of him due to a back injury.

So, she announced that whoever had control of Ryder would get the life insurance policy for his care.

Rachel trusted Janie, so she took out over $500,000 insurance policy in her name for Ryder.

Janie started to take care of Ryder and even attended events at Ryder’s school and started letting people believe that she was his parent.

Ridd even tried to take Ryder’s custody, which broke mother Rachel’s trust in Janie.

Janie took Ryder to her home, but Ryder always wanted to go to his own home.

When Janie gets caught by cops in attempted possession of a weapon and international abuse of a disabled or elderly adult case, Rachel gets out of her illness and takes Ryder to her home.

Rachel Lived With Family After Getting Divorce From Ex-husband

Rachel was in a toxic relationship with her ex-husband, who has chosen not to reveal his name.

She then started living with her family, who are originally from the United States.

After some months, she felt congested living in her family’s home, so she moved out and lived alone.

She went to Utah, Washington, where she found an apartment and started living with Janie Lynn Ridd.

However, the details regarding her family have not been revealed, as they wanted to keep it private.

Additional Information

  • Rachel’s best friend, Janie Lynn Ridd, is serving her 20-year sentence.
  • Janie was looking for a roommate after someone tried to break into her house, and she was scared of living alone.
  • As of 2024, Janie Lynn Ridd is 55 years old.
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