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Where Is Thomas Hose Now After Being Freed From Offense?

Thomas Hose stays low profile after being registered as offender in police department.

The captor of Tanya Kach, Thomas Hose, has been freed after serving a full fifteen years in the bars.

Tanya Kach endured a decade of abuse in captivity before finally escaping the horrors of her McKeesport home.


  • Thomas Hose is registered as a sex offender, so he isn’t able to trap other innocent lives like he did with Tanya Koch.
  • The middle school where she studied, suspended Thomas without pay as soon as cops caught him.
  • Thomas Hose lawyer claims that he didn’t compel Tanya to move in with her; she did it as per her will.

Kach credited her faith as the guiding force that helped her through the darkest times in the Lifetime movie “The Girl Locked Upstairs.

Tanya Kach, who ran away from home at the age of 14 and moved in with an adult male security guard, Thomas Hose, from her middle school, had waited too long to sue for civil rights violations.

For 10 years, Kach lived in the house that Hose shared with his son and parents.

Allegedly, his parents were unaware of Kach’s presence for nine years because she stayed confined to Hose’s bedroom.

Thomas Hose Is Under The Inspection Of Law Enforcement

At 14 years old, Kach was lured away from home by Hose, a 38-year-old security guard at her middle school.

Kach believed she would die and even made a will. In 2006, after enduring a decade of captivity, she finally escaped and is now striving to live a fulfilled life.

Hose was released from the lock-up after serving his maximum sentence and is now registered as a sex offender.

If Hose tries to lure other girls, he could face additional charges and a potential return to the bar.

Additionally, being a registered sex offender means he’s subject to strict monitoring and supervision by law enforcement.

It makes it more difficult for him to engage in such activities without being detected.

Kach was too upset to talk on camera when she discovered Hose was free.

She also felt the world wasn’t as safe anymore and knew she’d wake up feeling upset and crying because of the horrid things he had done with her.

Thomas Hose’s Side Of Story On Captivating Tanya Kach

Hose and Kach crossed paths at her middle school. They shared a kiss in a stairwell after he caught her skipping class.

After a few months, they devised a plan for her to leave home.

For the past 10 years, Tanya Nicole Kach’s home has been just a bedroom, and he hardly allows her to leave.

A man more than twice her age, Hose, the security guard, kept her there with only a bucket for a bathroom.

After six years, he devised a plan for her to change her identity to Nikki Allen.

Kach said he told his parents that his new girlfriend, Nikki, was moving in.

Though he allowed her to attend church and go out during the day, she soon realized her living situation was far from normal.

Next, she befriended her neighbor, a deli owner who called cops for her escape and caught Hose red-handed.

As a result, the school where he met Kach suspended him without pay.

Hose’s attorney, Jim Ecker, had anticipated his early release but declined to comment further. He claimed that Kach was never held against her will and that Hose didn’t force her to live with him.

Additional Information

  • Without Hose’s knowledge, Kach started working a few hours a day at a local convenience store, quietly plotting her escape.
  • The film depicting Kach’s harrowing story is produced by Elizabeth Smart, who, like Kach, experienced kidnapping and captivity at the age of 14.
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