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What Happened To Lauren Lyle In Something In The Water? Movie Plot Explained

Lauren Lyle and the rest of the cast find themselves facing off against an unformidable enemy. It doesn’t help that the girls are in his territory and under his control.

There is something in the water; you can’t outrun it, nor can you escape; it’s a dangerous sea predator, a shark.

The upcoming Something In The Water is a chilling shark-themed movie where a group of girls find themselves trapped in shark-infested waters.

Key Takeaways

  • Lauren Lyle portrays bride-to-be Lizzie, who is behind the reunion of five costars in Something in the Water.
  • The Fantastic Five stay together through happy and dangerous times in the movie.
  • The film centers around a haunting shark attack behind the happy-go-luck group of friends.

The trailer looks fantastic, with good cinematography and a realistic storyline. The film also has a stellar cast, including Lauren Lyle, Hiftu Quasem, Natalie Mitson, Nicole Reisko Setsuko, and Ellouise Shakespeare.

Something In The Water Official Trailer. (Source: Youtube)

Lauren Lyle’s Dream Wedding Turns Into A Nightmare In The Netflix Thriller

There is a romantic history between Meg and Kayla, who parted ways after undergoing a profoundly traumatic event.

Lyle is a critical character in the Netflix series who is behind their group’s reunion. Before Lizzie’s big day, the fantastic five head out to the sea for an adventure.

Unbeknownst to them, the girls’ lives will forever change on their journey. Throughout the trailer, audiences find that Lizzie has catalyzed significant events.

For instance, the bride-to-be is behind the wheels of their boat and unknowingly crashes it. It leads to girls navigating their way out of the waters through swimming.

When things couldn’t get any worse, it’s revealed that Lizzie can’t swim. Now, we have a sunk boat, an injured friend, and one unable to swim. This is the combo for a colossal disaster.

Since the movie hasn’t been released, it’s unknown if Lizzie is the last woman standing.

Fear Finds New Depths: Something In The Water Is Not For Faint-Hearted

Something In The Water keeps audiences at the edge of their seats with multiple jump scares and eerie music. Also, expect lots of blood and scary bodily wounds.

This movie isn’t for those with Galeophobia, and practicing caution is advisable.

Initially, the Fantastic Five are having the time of their lives on an unknown island. Suddenly, Ruth is attacked by a shark and receives a deep wound on her leg.

As the group returns, their boat capsizes in the middle of the sea. Three support injured Ruth while Lizzie paddles with her life jacket on.

Suddenly, a shark attacks the group, making them scramble for their lives. The official trailer shows Meg and Cam fighting their enemy with a knife.

Who will emerge as the victor between a woman and a shark? Will there be any survivors, or will all girls perish?

Stay tuned for Something In The Water’s release on May 3, 2024, to know the answers.

Additional Information

  • Lauren Lyle is renowned for her recurring role of Marsali MacKimmie Fraser in Outlander.
  • Lauren was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 12, 1993.
  • The Scottish actress portrayed Detective Karen Pirie in the ITV drama Karen Pirie.
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