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Warren Glowatski’s Involvement in the Reena Virk Case Impacted Him Psychologically

Warren Glowatski got parole after spending more than a decade behind bars.

Under the Bridge is an American true crime drama miniseries in which Warren Glowatski is shown as one of the characters involved in the murder of Reena Virk.

Author Rebecca Godfrey wrote a book about Virk’s story, which was later adapted and developed by Quinn Shephard into a miniseries on Hulu Originals.


  • Convicted of second-degree murder, Warren Glowatski served a life sentence in prison.
  • Despite questions about his mental well-being, his transition from imprisonment to parole suggests a possible impact on his mental health.
  • After 11 years in prison, Glowatski was granted full parole in 2010, supported by Virk’s family’s forgiveness and accountability for his actions.

The series dramatizes the 1997 murder of Virk, a 14-year-old girl who was beaten and killed by a group of her peers under the Craigflower Bridge in Victoria, British Columbia.

In her book, Godfrey portrays Glowatski as a troubled and misunderstood individual, a portrayal that aligns with his characterization in the Hulu miniseries.

Warren Glowatski was accused of that heinous crime when he was only sixteen years old.

Hulu’s Under the Bridge episode 7 depicts Glowatski’s trial and verdict, raising questions about what happened to him afterward.

Warren Glowatski’s Role in the Virk’s Case, & Its Consequences Might Have Impacted His Mental Health

Glowatski’s involvement in the case started with his confession to repeatedly kicking Virk, causing significant injuries, and after that, Ellard drowned her while he stood there helplessly.

Subsequently, he was convicted of second-degree murder and received a life sentence in prison.

While questions are arising regarding Warren’s mental well-being, none of the verified sources directly address whether he is suffering from any health issues or depression.

Nevertheless, Glowatski’s experience of committing a serious crime at a young age and facing the legal consequences could have potentially impacted his mental health and well-being.

Being convicted of murder and serving time in prison can be psychologically traumatic experiences, especially for someone who was just a teenager.

However, The Sun mentioned that, his co-accused, Kelly Ellard, received psychiatric treatment to address mental health and anxiety issues after the crime.

While online sources don’t specifically talk about Glowatski’s mental health, we can’t ignore the harshness of the crime and how it might have affected everyone involved emotionally.

Glowatski’s Got Parole in 2010 After Spending More Than a Decade Behind Bars

While he was in prison, Glowatski maintained a clean record and dedicated his time to mentoring at-risk youth and participating in restorative justice programs.

He also met with Reena Virk’s parents, eventually earning their forgiveness. In 2010, they supported his parole request, with Virk’s mother noting his accountability for his actions.

After spending 11 years in prison, totaling 13 years of incarceration, Warren Glowatski was granted full parole in 2010.

Glowatski expressed gratitude to the Virks and mentioned,

I hope that one day I will be able to be as caring, selfless…I don’t take your support for granted.

According to CBC News, the National Parole Board members ordered him not to be a threat to public safety.

He was released on the condition of reporting to a parole officer, refraining from substance use, and avoiding association with known criminals.

Additional Information

  • Javon Walton, the actor playing Glowatski in the show, expressed his desire for his role to foster greater empathy towards the struggles others may face.
  • The series “Under The Bridge” consists of eight episodes, with a new episode releasing weekly since its debut. The finale will be available for streaming on Hulu on May 29th.
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