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Trina Candaza’s Path, From Heartbreak to Strength Amid Carlo Aquino’s Marriage

Carlo Aquino and Trina: A Three-Year Relationship and the Birth of Their Daughter, Mithi.

Trina Candaza is a Filipino model, influencer, and actress who gained public attention for her past relationship with actor Carlo Aquino.

Recently, her ex-boyfriend Carlo married actress Charlie Dizon, leading to an outpouring of support for Trina Candaza from netizens on social media.


  • Following Carlo Aquino’s marriage to Charlie Dizon, netizens have shown immense support for Trina on social media.
  • Despite being a single mother, she has successfully balanced her personal growth and professional responsibilities.
  • Trina now manages three businesses—Eno Parfums, Damitan By Trina, and Lune Jewelries.

She has a significant following on Instagram, with over 301k followers on her account (@trinacandaza).

Candaza is credited as an actress in the films “Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen” (2023) and “Happy ToGetHer” (2021).

Despite her previous relationship with Carlo Aquino ending in December 2022, Trina Candaza remains a popular figure in the media, balancing her influencer and acting roles.

Trina Candaza’s Journey, Before And After Her Breakup With Carlo Aquino

Carlo Aquino and Trina were in a relationship for about three years and had a daughter named Mithi. They met at an event and started dating in 2019.

However, their relationship hit a rough patch, and they later confirmed their breakup in April 2022.

Trina revealed that she gave Carlo Aquino an option before they finally separated, indicating issues in their relationship.

After the breakup, Trina seemed to throw shade at Carlo, hinting at his alleged disloyalty.

The situation dramatically turned when Aquino married actress Charlie Dizon in June 2024, prompting netizens to comfort the heartbroken Trina Candaza.

Instagram users flooded Trina’s post with comments, comforting the model and content creator. They mentioned,

Sometimes, God removes people from our lives to protect us.

Another user commented,

Let us not be sad for her; instead, let us all be happy that God saves (d) her from more pain. We should all rejoice that her life was not wasted on that kind of boy and that she had a chance to meet the best and perfect man.

Despite significant changes and new responsibilities as a single mother, Candaza has maintained a dignified presence, focusing on personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Trina Candaza Is Now Gracefully Balancing Both Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Before entering showbiz, Trina pursued a modeling career for various brands. Following the birth of her daughter, Mithi, Trina sought additional ways to provide for her child’s needs.

At present, Trina’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as she successfully manages three thriving businesses—Eno Parfums, Damitan By Trina, and Lune Jewelries.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Trina expressed her views on Carlo’s role as a father, stating, “He will only give the bare minimum, he will not extend efforts.”

However, Trina clarified that she allows Carlo to spend time with Mithi.

For Trina, home is wherever her daughter is. In January 2022, she shared heartwarming glimpses of their new home, a testament to her unwavering commitment to Mithi’s well-being.

Despite their challenges, Trina and Mithi have been exploring the world together and cherishing their time as a family.

Additional Information

  • Trina and and her daughter, Mithi been to places like Hong Kong and have created lasting memories at the happiest place on Earth—Disneyland.
  • In 2022, she addressed netizens who criticized her extremely thin figure, explaining that it was her body’s response to the stress from her past relationship with Carlo Aquino.
  • Carlo and Trina celebrated their daughter’s 2nd birthday and Mithi’s moving-up ceremony together. However, Carlo was absent for Mithi’s 3rd birthday celebration.
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