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The Untold Truth Behind Denise Brown’s Marriage

Denis Brown was married once. Is it true or not?

Denise Brown spoke up about her sister Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder almost 30 years later.

A docuseries called “Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” is also being documented that uncovers all the hidden lies and miseries of the case.


  • Denise Brown became a domestic violence activist after her sister’s murder in 1994 and co-founded the Nicole Brown Foundation to support victims of domestic violence.
  • Denise Brown was briefly married to Rino Armeni in 1984 but was annulled the same year.
  • She is close to her son, Sean, and they participate together in events honoring Nicole’s memory.

The series, set to release on June 1, 2024, attempts to shed light on the tragedy that occurred in modern history to correct the imbalance created.

Recently, the Brown sisters also opened up about O.J. Simpson’s death and how he actually treated their sister.

Denise, the eldest among the Brown sisters, is a former model who became a domestic violence activist in 1994 after Nicole was victimized and took her last breath.

She is also an actress known for her roles in Crime Defense (1997)Insight TV (2014), and VH-1 Where Are They Now? (1999).

In addition, she is also the co-founder and president of the Nicole Brown Foundation.

Here is a quick glimpse into her husband and married life.

Denise Brown Annuled Her Marriage To Rino Armeni

Denise Brown was married to Rino Armeni in January 1984.

Rino Armeni is a Las Vegas-based businessman known for his involvement in the hospitality industry.

Although they got married, they annulled it in the same year in the month of July.

They chose annulment instead of divorce, as they wanted to erase the existence of their marriage completely.

It typically occurs when one party believes that the marriage should not have occurred in the first place.

A similar case might have happened in Denise’s case when the couple decided to part ways legally.

However, the details of the annulment have not been publicly disclosed, and Denise never mentioned the marriage in any of her interviews or talk shows, keeping everyone in the dark.

Denise Brown Has A Close Bond With Her Son Sean

Denise is currently single and has a son, Sean Brown, who looks exactly like her.

On Thursday, June 12, 1997, Sean recited a poem in memory of his aunt, Nicole Brown Simpson, at Salt Creek State Beach Park.

After the recitation, Denise hugged Sean, showing her pride and affection toward him.

Denise Brown with her son Sean at H.E.R event. (Source: Bigstock)

In 2021, the mother-son duo attended a ceremony together at “H.E.R. Luau at the Mansion,” benefitting the Nicole Brown Foundation.

They looked adorable together in the photos posted by BigStock.

However, Sean’s father’s details have not been revealed, and Demise has always remained tight-lipped about them.

Additional Information

  • Previously, Denise Brown was in a relationship with Ed McCabe.
  • Denise was born on July 29, 1957 in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • The actress is the daughter of Lo Brown and Juditha Brown.
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