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The Unbelievable Existence Of Pata Seca- Father Of Over 200 Children

The questionable story of Pata Seca, from his youth in slavery to his role as a breeder, is documented on wikipedia.

Pata Seca, who was exceptionally tall and heavy, was made a breeding slave to create a strong workforce with good genetic traits.

The documentary “Slavery by Another Name” includes his tale alongside the challenges among Americans that slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation.


  • Since a young age, Pata Seca was compelled into slavery and breed more than 200 kids.
  • Being very tall and well buit, folks at that time thought he bore strong genetic core.
  • Some critics beleive that his existence is fake as the numbered age is nuisance.

Despite facing difficult circumstances, Pata Seca became a leader and advocate for freedom, helping numerous slaves escape to safe havens called quilombos.

Folks admired him not only for his physical strength but also for his intellect. He also taught his children about their heritage and language.

Every year on June 13th, his children gather to remember him and continue his mission to end slavery.

Pata Seca’s story shows how strong people can stay hopeful even during tough times.

The Glorifying Tale Of Pata Seca During Slavery Days

Pata Seca, originally named Roque José Florêncio, played a significant role in Brazilian slavery history.

Captured into slavery as a child, he endured harsh labor and was used as a breeder, fathering more than 200 children.

Standing at seven feet tall and weighing approximately 300 pounds, he was selected based on the mistaken belief that his physical traits would produce strong offspring.

Pata Seca witnessed both World Wars and saw the abolition of the slave trade in Brazil in 1888.

Tragically, Seca accidentally stepped on a nail, causing an injury that led to a tetanus infection.

Although he received initial treatment from a local healer, his health quickly declined, and he passed away at the age of 130.

Folks Beleive That The Existence Of Pata Seca Is Fake

Some skeptics claim there is no evidence supporting the existence of a 130-year-old man named Pata Seca, allegedly born in 1828 and passing away in 1958.

They argue that the oldest verified person lived to be 122 years old. So, no records or documents confirm his existence.

The confusion about Pata Seca’s age might stem from lost or incorrect records from that time.

It’s more believable that he was in his 80s or 90s when he passed away rather than the reported age of 130.

Critics point to the questionable aspects of his reported age and the large number of children he supposedly fathered.

Further, they believe if Pata Seca did exist, he might have passed away due to complications related to syphilis.

However, despite these doubts, many people accept the story of Pata Seca without questioning its validity.

Additional Information

  • Pata Seca married a woman named Palmira, and they had nine children together.
  • As many as 30% of the people in Santa Eudoxis São Carlos today can trace their family history back to him.
  • His descendants are still looking for their relatives, spreading his influence across generations.

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