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The Names Of Actor Brandon Fellows’ Parents Still Remains Mystery To His Fans

Brandon hails from an English heritage, hinting that West London is the origin of his parents.

Actor Brandon Fellows is in trend as the J6 Political Prisoner with the same name was recently released from prison on May 20, 2024, after three years.

Many fans also thought the guy was actor Brandon Fellows from the United Kingdom due to their similar age, 30.


  • Fans thought actor Brandon Fellows was the guy who was recently released from prison after three years due to the same name and age.
  • Brandon Fellows’s parents have instilled in him a love for acting since childhood.
  • He belongs to English ancestry and follows Christianity.

But the truth is that Brandon, a J6 Political Prisoner from New York, United States, was imprisoned. This article is about actor Brandon Fellows and his parents.

Brandon Fellows was born on December 14, 1994, in Greater London (GB), West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Fellows is known for appearing in the TV series Upstart Crow and The Stranger.

Brandon is also known for his stage performances. In August 2013, he appeared in a production of Pigeon English at the Bristol Old Vic.

Recently, Brandon appeared as Charlie in the famous TV series Dead Hot.

Brandon Fellows Made His Parents Proud With His Achievements

Since his debut as an actor in 2013, he has given spectacular performances, and by 2024, he has appeared in around ten TV series.

He made his acting debut in the series Raised by Wolves by portraying the role of Callum.

Although information about Brandon’s parents has not been publicly disclosed, he has undoubtedly made them glad.

His parents instilled in him the love of acting from a young age. They supported him financially and emotionally and let him take acting classes.

He has neither shared a glimpse nor talked in media or interviews about his parents.

However, Brandon prefers to share only limited life events on his official Instagram handle.

Brandon Fellows Comes From English Ancestry

The surname Fellows derived initially from the old English word Feolaza, which a member of a trade guild likely took on.

Sources have reported that people with the last name Fellows are most likely the descendants of the English heritage.

Brandon was born and raised in the West Midlands, where most of London’s Fellows have resided for centuries.

This proves that Brandon hails from an English heritage, hinting that West London is the origin of his parents.

However, credible sources have yet to confirm the exact information; thus, confirmation requires further strict evidence and details.

Regarding religion, Brandon Fellows has faith in Christianity.

Additional Information

  • Actor Brandon Fellows has an estimated net worth of around $500k as of 2024.
  • Brandon appeared as Mike Tripp in the 8 episodes of the TV miniseries The Stranger in 2020.
  • Brandon shocked his fans after having an impressive weight loss of around 60 lbs.
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