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The Heartwarming Sibling Connection Between Luke Newton And His Sister Lauren

He grew up together with his younger sister, Lauren.

As the third season of the hit series Bridgerton enters your watchlist with intriguing episodes focused on Colin Bridgerton, questions arise about Luke Newton’s real-life siblings.

Luke Newton plays Colin Bridgerton, the third Bridgerton child in the Bridgerton franchise.


  • In contrast to his character Colin Bridgerton, who has three brothers, Luke Newton is the eldest and only son in his family.
  • Luke Newton has been praised for portraying Colin Bridgerton since the show’s first season.
  • Luke Newton is close to his sister Lauren, and they collaborate closely on TikTok to create videos.

Join us as we navigate how different his real life is from the character he portrays in the series.

Luke Paul Anthony Newton has been playing the recurring role since the series’ first season, during which he was appreciated for his spectacular character portrayal.

As his character has evolved throughout the seasons, viewers are eager to see him grow further in the upcoming seasons.

Luke is also known for his roles in the BBC drama “The Cut” and the Disney Channel series “The Lodge.”

Luke Newton Collaborates With His Sister Lauren On TikTok

Luke Newton was born on February 5, 1993, in Brighton, London.

He grew up together with his younger sister, Lauren. Thus, they share a tight-knit bond.

Luke also collaborates with Lauren to create TikTok videos. In one of the videos, they can be seen singing together.

In addition, Luke’s ex-girlfriend, Jade Davies, took to Instagram and shared a photo of herself and Luke, along with her sister Lauren.

This was before Luke and Jade parted ways in 2023.

This hints at the fact that Lauren was also close with her brother’s girlfriend, and they frequently hung out together.

In fact, Luke and Lauren live together in London, England.

Luke Newton Has Three On-screen Brothers, Anthony, Benedict, and Gregory

In the popular television series Bridgerton, he has three brothers, in contrast to his real life where he is the only son and eldest of the Newton household.

On-screen, he can be seen sharing close bonds with his two elder brothers, Anthony and Benedict, and receiving all the love as a young brother.

As much as he pampers his little sister off-screen, he is pampered as a younger brother on-screen.

In the series, he is five years apart from his brother Benedict while seven years apart from his eldest brother Anthony.

On the other hand, Gregory is the youngest child in the household and is often seen indulging in tiny fights with her sister, Hyacinth Bridgerton.

Although he misses out on major events of the family, Anthony calls him his father’s “love of a prank”

Additional Information

  • Luke Newton’s net worth is estimated to be $2.2 million as of 2024.
  • The Bridgerton star dated Sophie Simnett for two years before dating Jade Davies.
  • Luke and co-star Nicola Coughlan were dance partner for five years before starring in the series Bridgerton, thus, they are close friends.
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