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Same Surname Spark Related Rumors Of Jana Agoncillo And Ryan Agoncillo

The speculations of relatedness are also prevalent in the Filipino film industry, stirring gossip regarding who is whose family and who was born with a silver spoon!

Because Jana and Ryan Agoncillo have common surnames, people often search for their relationship, anticipating them to be father and daughter in real life.


  • Despite sharing the same last name, Jana Cassandra Agoncillo, a child actress from Manila, and Ryan Agoncillo, a veteran actor from Batangas, are unrelated and have distinct family backgrounds.
  • Jana and Ryan have never worked together directly. Their involvement in the entertainment industry includes separate projects and different timelines.
  • Jana’s father is Jason Agoncillo, and her mother is not publicly known. Ryan is married to Judy Ann Santos, and they have three children.

Jana Cassandra Agoncillo is a Filipino child actress best known for her role as Abby Layer in the TV series Honesto.

She gained fame at an early as she was nominated for the Best TV Child Performer PMPC Star Award.

On the other hand, Ryan Agoncillo is a veteran actor and TV host with over two decades of experience in the industry.

Family Background’s Of Jana And Ryan Agoncillo

There is no family connection between Jana Agoncillo and Ryan Agoncillo. They are not related, even if they share the same last name.

They come from diverse family backgrounds. Ryan comes from the Agoncillo clan in Rosario, Batangas, while Jana was born and raised in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

In an interview with Inquirer.net, it was revealed that Jana’s father’s name is Jason Agoncillo.

On the other hand, Ryan Agoncillo has his own family tree.

He is married to Judy Ann Santos, and they have three children: a biological son named Lucho, an adopted daughter named Yohan, and a biological daughter named Luna.

Although Jana’s mother’s name has not been revealed, we know that she is definitely not Judy Ann.

According to a photo Jana shared on her social media account, her mother looks completely different.

This proves that Ryan and Jana are not father and daughter, and there is no truth behind the speculations of their relatedness.

Jana And Ryan Agoncillo Have No Similarities

Although Jana and Ryan were involved in the same series, Maalaala Mo Kaya, they didn’t get the chance to interact with each other.

Jana made a special appearance on the 2017 series episode starring Charo Santos- Concio, but by then, Ryan had already quit the daily soap.

In the same way, Bituing Walang Ningning and Ningning sound alike but are different shows produced in different years.

Jana was cast as the main lead in the comedy series Ninigning in 2015, while Ryan appeared as the main cast in Bituing Walang Ningning in 2006.

Based on this, they have no professional alignment throughout their careers, considering the significant age gap and the timeline of their careers.

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