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Sam Rubin, a KTLA Journalist Known For Hosting Hollywood Uncensored, Was Married Twice!

Sam Rubin is survived by his wife Leslie and their four children: Perry, Rory, Darcy, and Colby.

Sam Rubin, a KTLA journalist and longtime entertainment reporter known for hosting Hollywood Uncensored, was married twice.

This Morning‘s former Hollywood correspondent Sam Rubin passed away because of a heart attack on May 10, 2024.


  • Rubin, a prominent KTLA entertainment anchor and host of Hollywood Uncensored, passed away on May 10, 2024, from a heart attack.
  • Sam and Julie married on January 9, 1988, after being introduced by a mutual friend and had two daughters, Rory and Perry.
  • Sam ended his first marriage in 2006 after nearly two decades together, and a year after his divorce in 2007, Sam married Leslie Gale Shuman.

At the time of his demise, he was living with his second wife, Leslie, and two kids in his Los Angeles home.

Sam Rubin And His First Wife, Julie Anderson, Were Together for 18 Years!

Sam Rubin and his first wife, Julie, were introduced by a mutual friend. He initially had no plans to marry in his twenties, but he quickly realized Julie was the perfect woman for him.

About 18 months after meeting, they married on January 9, 1988, in a private Catholic wedding ceremony.

Their marriage brought them both happiness and professional fulfillment. Above all, Sam and Julie cherished being parents to their girls, Rory and Perry.

However, perhaps their happiness led to complacency. The couple rarely argued but became less engaged and less attentive to each other over time.

Because of these unforeseen circumstances in their relationship, they decided to move on and ended their marriage in 2006, marking nearly two decades of their marital life.

During this time, Sam Rubin’s career reached new heights, and he became a prominent figure in entertainment journalism.

Moreover, in one article published by the Medium, Sam Rubin mentioned,

My original marriage, which I refer to as “the first administration,” lasted for 18, mostly very happy years.

Sam Rubin

After his first marriage ended, he spoke with the first administration, expressing his desire to marry again, have a baby, and continue his life with someone new.

Sam Rubin’s Found Love Again with His Second Wife, Leslie Gale Shuman!

Leslie came into the picture a year after Sam’s first marriage ended.

Leslie Gale Shuman, a movie studio lawyer and social worker, was raised in a mildly observant Jewish home on the Westside of Los Angeles, similar to Sam.

She had experienced a brief “starter” marriage, providing her familiarity with the ups and downs of divorce.

After going on several dates and movie nights with Leslie, she finally said, “What you are really looking for is a soft place to land.”

That phrase resonated in Sam’s head so deeply and clearly that he felt he had found his love of life again. He married Leslie in a private ceremony in 2007.

The couple quickly welcomed two children: a daughter, Darcy, in 2008 and a son, Colby, in 2009.

Moreover, he has always talked about how Leslie has supported Sam through various career stages, contributing to his stability and happiness.

Additional Information

  • Sam Rubin’s second wife, Leslie, has been a therapist for several years.
  • Sam once mentioned that all four children, Rory, Perry, Darcy, and Colby, get along very well.
  • He expressed that he had one unique “only-in-Hollywood” experience during his divorce from his first wife during the period of separation. They both went to very high-end show-business divorce lawyers.
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