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How Nicole Samuel’s Tattoos Are Redefining Beauty on Love Island?

Nicole Samuel, a tattoo lover, joins the casts of Love Island.

Nicole Samuel is the youngest contestant at 24 to join Love Island, a British dating game show. Presenter Maya Jama will introduce the new singles on June 3 when the popular ITV2 reality program returns to television.

The reality star is also famous for her unique tattoo designs. Let’s learn more about the tattooed beauty and find out how many tattoos she has.


  • Nicole Samuel seems to be a tattoo lover who has inked 7 different tattoos on her body.
  • She is the tattooed beauty of Love Island, and her chest tattoo breaks the stereotypes, especially for women. 
  • The 24-year-old has a visible tattoo of Rennis on her right ring finger.

Nicole Samuel is a model and account manager from Aberdare, Wales. She is also a former world champion dancer who won the title in 2011.

Similarly, she was a professional street dancer.

Nicole has been enjoying a single life and getting the attention of different boys, but now she has finally decided to be in a committed relationship and joined Love Island.

She will soon be raising the temperature in the Majorca villa. While her personality is big, let’s delve into her inked side.

Nicole Samuel, A Tattoo Lover With Several Inks On Her Body

Nicole Samuel is the tattooed beauty of Love Island. She has inked 7 tattoos on her body.

She has an attractive tattoo on the center of her chest, which breaks the stereotypes about chest tattoos, especially for women. 

The youngest reality star often flaunts her chest tattoo to the world, wearing a plunging neck dresses.

She has drawn a line on her left thigh, which is easily seen while wearing shorts.

Similarly, she has inked a visible tattoo of Rennis on her right ring finger and two small tattoos on both forearms.

Nonetheless, she has a cherry tattoo on the right side of her ribs and a flower tattoo on the back side of her left ribs.

Nicole Samuel has different tattoos on her body, which might have a special meaning in her life.

However, the 24-years-old reality star hasn’t talked much about them with the tabloids.

Additional Information On Nicole Samuel

  • Nicole Samuel is a social media personality with 18.3 K Instagram followers. Former Love Island stars, including Bayley Mummery and Scott Van-der-Sluis, follow her.
  • Scott, who was a bombshell in the 2023 summer series, has been advising her on what to do on the reality show.
  • She has enjoyed her single life without worrying about someone back home.
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