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Nick Pasqual’s Girlfriend, Allie Shehorn, Thrived in Her Career Before Being Stabbed by Him

Allie Shehorn's narrow escape from death even after being stabbed multiple times.

Just three days after being granted a temporary restraining order, the Los Angeles-based makeup artist, Allie Shehorn, narrowly escaped death in the vicious stabbing attack.

Allie’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Pasqual, an actor and sketch comic, has been accused of attempted murder.


  • Shehorn, a makeup artist based in Hollywood, specializes in freelance makeup and special effects for film and television productions.
  • In addition to her makeup career, Shehorn has ventured into acting, with credits in short films and a comedy-drama movie.
  • Allie Shehorn narrowly escaped a vicious stabbing attack just three days after being granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, actor Nick Pasqual.

According to The Sun, Pasqual allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Los Angeles home around 4:30 in the morning on May 23.

Following the attack, he allegedly fled from the scene, leaving Shehorn to die. A GoFundMe campaign indicated that the makeup artist was “fighting for her life” following the attack.

After spending several days in the ICU and undergoing multiple surgeries, Shehorn’s recovery has shown remarkable progress, leading to her transfer out of intensive care.

While details about Shehorn’s personal life are limited, let’s delve into her professional journey and contributions to the entertainment industry as an artist and occasional actress.

From Fine Art to Film, 35-Years-Old Allie Shehorn, Rocking The Makeup Artistry

Allie Shehorn is a makeup artist based in Hollywood, California, and a member of IATSE Local 706, the union for makeup artists and hairstylists in the entertainment industry.

While information about Allie’s family has not been disclosed, it was mentioned that she had a surrogate mother named Christine White who was living with her on the day of the incident.

Shehorn specializes in freelance makeup, primarily focusing on special effects for film and television productions.

Her diverse portfolio includes work on music videos, commercials, and shorts, and she has over 100 makeup and special effects credits to her name.

Initially, Shehorn was pursuing a BFA in fine art—painting, sculpting, and similar disciplines—when a film being shot at her school changed her career trajectory.

After meeting some crew members and finding their work environment appealing, she transitioned to the film industry.

She then enrolled in the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles and has worked steadily since graduation.

Shehorn has expressed how her profession has facilitated her personal growth over time, and each day on the job presents unique experiences as she collaborates with various crews and individuals.

In addition to her successful career as a makeup and special effects artist, Shehorn has also ventured into acting, accumulating three credits to her name.

These include roles in the short films Sunnyvale (2019) and Hangry (2022) and the comedy-drama The Last Conception (2020).

Despite collaborating with numerous notable personalities and contributing to various films, Allie Shehorn has yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

However, a brief biography of her can be found on her IMDb page.

Additional Information

  • Allie’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Pasqual, born in 1990 to his parents, Susan and H. Paul Pasqual, is currently 34 years old and grew up with his brother Paul G. Pasqual.
  • An arrest warrant was issued, and Pasqual was arrested at a U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint in Texas, as the district attorney’s office reported.
  • Pasqual will be extradited to Los Angeles to face charges. However, a trial date has yet to be scheduled.
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