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Allegations and Denials: Neil Gaiman and the Controversy Surrounding His Nanny, Scarlett!

Neil refutes allegations from his son's nanny and another woman, who were previously in consensual relationships with him.

A 23-year-old woman named Scarlett was hired as a nanny for The Sandman’s writer, Neil Gaiman’s son.

However, the nanny, Scarlett, alleges that Gaiman physically assaulted her in February 2022, shortly after they first met.


  • Scarlett, hired as a nanny for Neil Gaiman’s child, alleges physical assault by Gaiman in February 2022.
  • She claims that a three-week relationship with Gaiman included nonconsensual physical and humiliating behavior.
  • Scarlett reported Gaiman to New Zealand police in October 2022; the investigation is ongoing.

The alleged incident occurred at Gaiman’s home in New Zealand. Due to Neil’s fame, the case attracted global attention.

Gaiman is known as the creator of The Sandman comic book series and other works, such as Good Omens and American Gods.

Moreover, recently, Neil served as an executive producer for the Netflix series “Dead Boy Detectives.”

Neil Gaiman’s Alleged Three-Week Relationship with His Son’s Nanny, Scarlett!

While Scarlett was hired as a nanny for Neil Gaiman‘s family, she alleges that he stripped and joined her in the bath. At the time, she was 22, and he was 61 years old.

Gaiman stated that the incident involved only “cuddling” and “making out” and that it was consensual.

However, according to the UK’s Telegraph, Scarlett claims that her and Neil’s subsequent three-week relationship included non-consensual rough and degrading acts.

On another occasion, Scarlett alleged that the physical relationship between them was so painful and violent that she lost consciousness.

During that time, she sent him numerous messages indicating her consent to the intimacy.

She also claimed she was required to sign an NDA after she stopped working as the family’s nanny.

Moreover, Tortoise Media has looked at messages and notes from that time and talked to friends Scarlett spoke to, which supports her claims.

Scarlett reported Gaiman to the police in October 2022, eight months after her brief relationship with the author ended.

Neil Gaiman Denies Allegations of Non-Consensual Activities!

Neil Gaiman responded by denying allegations of non-consensual activity and expressed distress over Scarlett’s accusations.

He stated that he did not engage in any unlawful behavior with her. Initially reported to the New Zealand police, Scarlett’s complaint triggered an investigation.

The report mentioned that Gaiman offered to cooperate with New Zealand authorities regarding Scarlett’s complaint, but they declined, citing an ongoing investigative process.

In response to Scarlett’s claims, Gaiman told Tortoise Media that he believes her allegations stem from a medical condition involving “false memories.”

However, Tortoise reported that Scarlett’s medical records and history do not support this explanation.

The new podcast “Master: The Allegations Against Neil Gaiman—Episode 1” has been released, which details all the allegations Neil has faced.

Additional Information

  • During the level 4 lockdown in 2020, Neil Gaiman, his ex-wife Amanda Palmer, and their 4-year-old son stayed at an Airbnb in Havelock North. Gaiman departed New Zealand at the end of February 2022.
  • The second woman, K, was 18 when she met Gaiman at a book signing in Sarasota, Florida, in 2003.
  • Neil and K started a romantic relationship, but she alleges that she endured rough and painful intercourse that she neither wanted nor enjoyed.
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