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The Nanny’s Affair With Kyana Teresa’s On-Screen Husband & Her Unbreakable Love with Neyna In Real Life

Kyana Teresa's portrayal of Michelle Clark keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

Kyana Teresa is a 32-years-old Canadian actress and social media personality who quickly made a name for herself in the Film & TV industry and showed no signs of slowing down.

She likely supports LGBTQ and is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) actress, as indicated by the hashtags “#queeractor” and “#bipocactors” in her Instagram post.


  • Kyana Teresa stars as the lead actress in Lifetime’s upcoming thriller, “My Husband’s Killer Affair.”
  • Tension rises after their nanny Melissa’s affair with Michelle’s husband is revealed, manipulated by Michelle’s greedy brother-in-law, Carlton Clark.
  • Off-screen, Kyana Teresa shares a decade-long relationship with her boyfriend, Neyna, as showcased on social media.

My Husband’s Killer Affair” is the latest thriller featuring Kyana Teresa as the lead actress, which debuted on June 6.

This Canadian film, directed by Roxanne Boisvert, has captivated audiences with its 90-minute journey of suspense and intrigue.

The plot follows Michelle Clark portrayed by Kyana Teresa, a dedicated professional struggling to balance her high-pressure job with her family responsibilities.

The Nanny’s Affair with Kyana Teresa’s On-Screen Husband in ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair’

Lifetime’s new thriller, ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair,’ delivers a gripping and intense narrative that keeps viewers hooked from beginning to end.

The film revolves around Michelle Clark, a career-focused mother played by Kyana Teresa, who hires Melissa Juneau, portrayed by Kirsten Comerford, as her new live-in nanny.

At first, Melissa seems to be the ideal addition to Michelle’s household, offering much-needed stability and care.

However, the plot thickens as Melissa’s dark secrets and ulterior motives come to light.

The story takes a dramatic twist when it is revealed that Melissa is having an affair with Michelle’s husband and is being manipulated by Carlton Clark.

The portrayal of Michelle’s greedy brother-in-law, Carlton Clark, exudes a menacing presence.

The film excels in building suspense and delivering unexpected twists, although it occasionally leans on familiar thriller tropes.

Kirsten Comerford delivers a strong performance as Melissa, capturing her character’s desperation and determination to protect her family.

Kyana Teresa’s portrayal of Michelle Clark is equally compelling, balancing innocence with underlying malice.

Despite a few predictable moments, ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair’ delves deeply into themes of trust and betrayal, keeping the tension high throughout.

Real-Life Love: Kyana Teresa’s Unbreakable Bond with Neyna

Kyana Teresa has been dating her long-time boyfriend, Neyna, aka Travel With Ney, known for his traveling adventures, as showcased on his Instagram.

It’s likely that Neyna hails from Ghana, West Africa, as indicated by the Ghana flag in his Instagram bio.

Additionally, he has mentioned “Eating my way through one country at a time,” indicating his love for travel and exploration of diverse places through food.

As we scrolled through their social media, we can see them sharing many happy moments together over the years.

In one Instagram post, Kyana Teresa shared a picture with him, mentioning:

through thick and thin,
and each lifetime
I got your back,
and you got mine. 🌻✨💜

Their decade-long relationship highlights the strength of their bond, showcasing a remarkably resilient and enduring connection.

This shows that, unlike her character in the movie, who is betrayed by her husband after he cheats on her with the nanny, Kyana Teresa enjoys an untroubled love life with Nayna in reality.

Additional Information

  • She played a character named Zoey in “The Good Witch” who was part of Hallmark’s first LGBTQ storyline, where her character started dating a woman named Joy Harper, played by Kat Barrell.
  • Kyana Teresa mostly portrays LGBTQ characters in her acting roles and has been vocal about the importance of LGBTQ+ representation on television.
  • Kyana Teresa has mixed ethnicity as her Instagram post indicates that her parents were in an interracial marriage, and she had a strong and affectionate relationship with her grandparents.
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