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The Heartwarming Story of Monica Calhoun’s Parenting Life

After Monica’s son’s video went viral on Instagram, where she seemed to be teaching him swimming, netizens wondered about her husband and the child’s father.

Monica Calhoun is an American film and television actress who has been acting since she was 13.


  • Monica Calhoun is a devoted mother to her son, sharing poignant moments and insights into their daily lives online.
  • Monica Calhoun values her time with her child, providing insight into the balancing act of a working parent.
  • The evidence posted by Monica Calhoun influenced other mothers, as seen in a heartfelt video in December 2023.

Calhoun began her career as a child actress working for the Walt Disney Family in “She Stood Alone” and starred in segments of “The Price of Everything: Loretta Devine’s Pet Project“.

She later appeared in the television series “7th Heaven”, “In the Mix”, and “90210”.

Calhoun’s film roles include but are not limited to, Sgt. Kimberly Wells in “Bagdad Cafe,” and Robyn Dixon in “The Players Club.”

The Heartwarming Story of Monica Calhoun’s Son

Monica Calhoun, renowned for her roles in “The Best Man” film series, leads a life that’s as grounded as it is glamorous.

Besides, she’s a dedicated mother to her son, sharing moments and insights into their daily lives on her social media.

Despite of her career, Calhoun cherishes her downtime with her child, offering a glimpse into the balancing act of a working parent.

Her son, born on June 10, 2000, shares a birth year with her co-star Nia Long’s son. However, details regarding his father remain undisclosed.

The actress, born in Philadelphia, has previously been romantically associated with actor Miguel A Nunez, yet neither has publicly acknowledged the relationship.

The actress finds her greatest joy in being a devoted mother to her son.

Her parenting journey has a wide impact, influencing many mothers. This is clear from a inspiring video she shared on December 10, 2023.

Additional Information

  • Monica Calhoun has an estimated net worth of $5 million.
  • The melancholy sequel, The Best Man Holiday, left spectators saddened by Monica Calhoun’s departure. Her character, Mia, battled cancer and eventually died.
  • Calhoun was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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