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Misunderstanding Over Resurfaced Video of Love Island’s Harriet Blackmore And Brother Henry Blackmore

Harriet Blackmore, a contestant on Love Island 2024, has been seen in a widely circulated video defending her brother, Henry.

Harriet Blackmore, a 24-year-old dancer and personal shopper from Brighton, is among the new contestants joining the Love Island 2024 villa.

Harriet and her brothers were born to Kim Blackmore, their mother, though details about their father are not widely known.


  • Harriet has two brothers named Joel and Henry. She also had a “heavenly sibling” named Reece Rowland, who tragically passed away in 2015.
  • Harriet and her brothers were born to Kim Blackmore, their mother. They are of white ethnicity and hail from Brighton, England.
  • Harriet’s brother Reece passed away in 2015 from a mixture of heroin and cocaine. He was found deceased at his home in Brighton.

Harriet Blackmore hails from Brighton, England, and is of white ethnicity.

She has two brothers named Joel and Henry and had a “heavenly sibling” named Reece Rowland, a “much-loved man” who tragically passed away in November 2015.

Her brother, Henry Blackmore, is a football player, currently playing for Peacehaven and Telecombs Football Club, and previously played for Whitehawk FC.

There has been confusion over a recently surfaced video of Harriet from before she joined Love Island, prompting a closer examination of the events surrounding it.

Harriet Blackmore Clarifies Misunderstood Video Involving Brother Henry and Premier League Footballer

In the video that surfaced, Harriet attempted to calm an argument by repeatedly stating, “He’s a Premier League Footballer!”

Initially, the footage led fans to believe she was referring to her brother, which sparked accusations of dishonesty since her brother, Henry, isn’t at that professional level.

However, the video’s owner clarified that Harriet was referring to her brother’s friend.

In response to the video, Harriet mentioned it was from many years ago.

Video of Harriet defending her brother and his friends attacking a group of women
byu/fasbri9 inLoveIslandTV

She emphasized that her intention was solely to defuse the situation. Her friend, a public figure football player, and her brother were being harassed by people recording them.

Harriet mentioned,

The video was so many years ago if it’s the one I’m thinking of… there’s not anything to say about that story.

If you have seen it, you can see all I’m trying to do is defuse the situation, it was actually one of my really good friends, who is in the public eye, he’s a football player, and my brother, and these fans… people were antagonising him, we were just trying to enjoy our night and I didn’t think it was fair people were putting cameras in his face.

I was just trying to mediate the situation and get them away from him.

Harriet Blackmore

Harriet Blackmore’s Beloved Brother, Reece Rowland’s Tragic Passing In 2015

Harriet’s sibling, Reece Rowland, passed away in 2015, as reported by The Argus.

The inquest at Brighton Coroner’s Court revealed that Reece died in his sleep after taking a mixture of heroin and cocaine, known as a speedball.

Reece had been drinking with friends at a pub in Hove the previous evening. He returned home but went out again to purchase drugs and later texted the same dealer for more.

Upon returning home, he watched television on the sofa and fell asleep. Officials at the inquest reported that he suddenly passed away from respiratory issues caused by the drugs.

Reece was 26 years old when he was found motionless at his home on Hertford Road, Brighton, on November 21, 2015.

Friends described Reece as a “one-off,” and everyone loved him. His mother, Kim Blackmore, says the family’s lives “have never been the same since.”

Additional Information

  • According to The Sun, Harriet’s former boyfriend is reportedly 25-year-old Josh Curling.
  • This led to Harriet’s being accused of having a ‘secret boyfriend’ outside the villa. However, she clarified that she is actually single and that her last relationship ended earlier this year.
  • Harriet Blackmore, the spirited Islander, has been actively forging connections with Sean Stone and Joey Essex.
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