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Maxton Hall Premier Appearance Fuels Damian Hardung And Harriet Herbig-Matten Dating Rumors

Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten are co-starring in the new series Maxton Hall—The World Between Us. They brace for spectacular onscreen chemistry, spinning off the rumor wheel in the entertainment industry one more time.

Fans were shocked to witness a chemistry as strong as theirs, which compelled them to second-guess their real-life dating probability.


  • Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten’s onscreen chemistry in “Maxton Hall—The World Between Us” has sparked real-life dating rumors, leaving fans guessing about their relationship status.
  • The duo’s appearance at the series premiere, intimate gestures, and social media posts have fueled speculation about their off-screen romance.
  • Portraying James and Ruby in the series has changed Damian and Harriet’s perspectives on their relationship approach, showcasing a deeper connection between their onscreen characters and real-life selves.

The duo appeared together at the show’s premiere on May 4, 2024, at the London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills, further strengthening the speculation.

Maxton Hall—The World Between Us is a romantic comedy set in a school setting. It can be your next binge-watch if you love slow-burn romances or classic enemies-to-lovers.

Based on Kasten’s best-selling novel Save Me, the series has scored an Imdb rating of 7.5.

It has proven to be a better-than-average series with the atypical performances of two main leads, James and Ruby Bell.

German actor Damian Hardung made his onscreen debut at age 13. He has gained recognition for all the roles he has portrayed until now.

Black Carpet Appearance Ignited Damian Hardung’s Dating Rumors

Damien and Harriet were the highlights of the series’ black carpet event. They exchanged glances and smiled as they looked at each other in front of the camera.

Their connection was beyond their onscreen roles, hinting that something was happening in reality.

Dolled up as the leading stars of the era, they showed a deeper level of intimacy, usually shown by couples, adding fuel to the spark of their dating rumors.

In addition to their appearance, a recent Instagram post by Damian fanned the flames, as the photos were warm and hinted at the beginning of something nice.

In the photos, the duo could be seen strolling around the streets of Los Angeles, holding hands like a scene straight out of a movie.

The post quickly received thousands of likes and comments from fans, which was a bonus, especially after the release of their series.

Damian Hardung partner
Comments written by their fans on their latest Insta post.

However, no official statement has been made regarding their dating rumors. They have neither admitted nor denied the speculation. 

They let the viewers make assumptions, playing smirky hide-and-seek with all the hints they drop along the way.

Portraying James And Ruby, Damian And Harriet Had A Change In Their Perspectives

In an interview with WHO,

Damian and Harriet revealed that the romantic character portrayal of James and Ruby changed their image of one another and how they viewed the world around them.

The relationship between James and Ruby is quite unusual because Ruby falls for James’ broken and emotional side instead of his arrogant and self-centered attitude.

Unlike other typical romances, their newly formed relationship is elucidated not by their pursuit of everlasting love but by the consistent back-and-forth between superiority and accountability.

The relationship that they portray onscreen is the evidence of how they are in real life.

The intensity of their emotions allowed them to delve into their characters and build stronger bonds.

They ultimately fell for each other after knowing each other’s darker sides and expressing their emotions, which showed the depth of their relationship.

Until they officially announce their relationship, as fans, we can only wait for the series’s second season and root for them in all the possible ways.

Additional Information

  • Before this rumor, Damian Hardung was single for a long time, stirring rumors about his sexuality. He was rumored not to be straight.
  • Damian is actively involved in environmental protection activities and is affiliated with Greenpeace.
  • Harriet Herbig-Matten debuted in the film industry in 2017 in the movie The Pubertier and has shown active involvement in the sector since then.
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