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American Film Producer Mark Damon Had A Net Worth of $14 Million

Mark Damon, a film producer, sales agent, and spaghetti Western actor, passed away at 91 due to natural causes in Los Angeles.

Mark Damon was born Alan Harris on April 22, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.


  • Mark Damon had a net worth of $14 million as of 2024.
  • Mark Damon bought the Pacific Palisades mansion for $15 million in 2012 and sold it for $18 million in 2021.
  • Mark has won the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year for his appearance in Roger Corman’s House of Usher.

His family was Jewish, and their surname had originally been “Herscovitz.” He moved to Los Angeles at a young and attended Fairfax High School.

Later, Mark was scouted as an actor by Groucho Marx but chose to attend dental school at UCLA.

Soon, he switched to the Anderson School of Management and graduated with an MBA and BA in English. He also took theater classes and decided he wanted an actor career.

Mark Damon’s Achievements Highlights His Net Worth

Mark Damon had a net worth of $14 million at the time of his passing on May 12, 2024.

His primary sources of income were his production company and acting. He had four production companies and acted in over 50 movies and series.

Mark has worked as a producer in over 70 movies, from which he amassed much wealth.

In 1987, Mark’s production company Vision International decided to grow into Vision p.d.g., and its foreign sales arm Vision International budgeted in the $5 million range to have 9 movies for $71 million.

Later, in 2003, his other production company, MDP Worldwide, was renamed Media 8 Entertainment to expand theatrical activity and change focus. His production grossed over $2 billion at the theatrical box office worldwide.

His company, DCR Finance Group, launched a $100 million film fund to invest in its film organization.

Mark Damon used to own a home in Beverly Hills, California, which has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and one half-bathroom surrounded by 11,000 square feet.

Moreover, Damon bought the Pacific Palisades mansion in 2012 for $15 million and sold it for $18 million in 2021.

Mark Damon Career Details And Awards

Mark Damon started his career as an actor in 1956, signing a contract with 20th Century Fox.

After appearing as Philip Winthrop in the horror/mystery movie House of Usher, he came into the limelight.

However, Mark gave up acting in the mid-1970s to become a film producer. In the 1970s, he entered the world of independent sales and production while living and working in Italy.

In 1977, Mark returned to the United States and founded a production company called Producers Sales Organization.

Later, in the early 1980s, Mark started Vision p.d.g. International along with Peter Guber and Jon Peters.

In 1993, Mark founded another production company, MDP Worldwide, which was later sold to Behaviour Communications, a Canadian company, in 1998.

Moreover, in 2005, he founded film production, financing, and sales company Foresight Unlimited.

Mark Damon won the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year for his performances in Roger Corman’s House of Usher.

Additional Information

  • Mark Damon was married to Bartender Luciana Barroso in 2005.
  • Mark Damon had a son, Jonathan, a daughter, Alexis Damon Ribaut, and a son-in-law, Mathieu Ribaut.
  • Despite sharing the same surname and profession, film producer and actor Mark Damon are unrelated to actor Matt Damon.
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