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Marissa Teijo, A Miss Texas USA Pageant Contestant Is Married To A Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Daniel Teijo

Marissa Teijo is a retired Socorro ISD elementary teacher and El Paso model.

Marissa Teijo has a supportive husband who allowed her to participate in the Miss Texas USA beauty contest as the oldest contestant.

Although Teijo didn’t win the contest, she impressed thousands and made history with her talent, facing nearly 100 competitors in the pageant.


  • Marissa Teijo didn’t win the title but made history by facing around 100 competitors at such an old age.
  • Teijo was married to a Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Daniel Teijo.
  • She loves to spend time with her husband and grandchildren, Elle and Luke.

71 years old, Marissa Teijo was born in 1953 in El Paso. She grew up on a cotton and maize farm in Lazbuddie.

Teijo developed her passion for fitness at a young age and has participated in numerous competitions over the years.

She is also a retired Socorro ISD elementary teacher and El Paso model represented by the Bazaar model in El Paso. She has also done numerous TV commercials.

After Miss Texas Contestant USA, she returned to Bazaar Model to practice her modeling walk and hopes to get more modeling jobs with the exposure she received from a recent beauty pageant.

Marissa Teijo Was Married To A Senior Manufacturing Engineer

The oldest contestant in Miss Texas USA has tied the knot with 55 years old Daniel Teijo, an engineer.

Daniel Teijo and Marissa Teijo have a 16-year age gap. However, the exact date of their marriage has not been disclosed yet.

But they married between January and February, as Marrisa posted a photo on January 31, 2022, saying,

Our Anniversary Weekend

According to Marissa’s official Instagram account, she loves to hang out and go on dates with her husband, Daniel Teijo.

Moreover, the last photo on her Instagram with her husband was on December 26, 2023, when they celebrated Christmas together.

Daniel has also been working at CUMMINS Fuel Systems since 2005 when he joined the company as a warranty failure analysis technician.

Since then, he has been promoted to different positions, including Test Engineer Associate, Test Electronic Technician, and many more.

Moreover, Daniel was awarded the Cummins Ergo Cup award in 2015 and 2020.

Marissa Loves To Spend Time With Her Grandchildren And Family

Although Marissa has not revealed her children, she posts pictures of her grandchildren, Ellie and Luke, on her Instagram handle.

Marissa mentioned Luke as a football player, suggesting he is fond of playing football.

Her family includes three siblings with whom Marissa grew up. Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed their name.

Marissa speaks English among her siblings and Spanish with her parents, who migrated to the United States from Mexico.

However, Marissa’s family has become very supportive since her childhood, allowing her to pursue her career in whatever she wants.

Additional Information

  • Marissa Teijo completed her bachelor’s degree from West Texas A&M University.
  • Marissa and her husband, Daniel Teijo, have a faith in Christianity.
  • Teijo never had any plastic surgery to look beautiful and young.
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