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Lucius Banda’s Better Half, Sunganani Kamkwalala, Is A Trained Banker

Sunganani advised Lucius not to abandon his music career when he was elected to Parliament.

Lucius Banda was survived by his wife, Sunganani Banda, until his demise on June 30, 2024.

He tragically passed away due to kidney failure at the age of 53.


  • Sunganani is mourning the loss of her husband, Lucius Banda, who passed away following chronic Kidney failure.
  • Sunganani is a trained banker who has previously worked at Balaka Commercial Bank.
  • Currently, Sunganani manages her family business, including Zembani Lodge, Zembani Music Company, and Summit Night Club.

Lucius Chicco Banda, better known by his stage name, Soldier Lucius Banda, was born in Sosola Village, Balaka District, Malawi, on August 17, 1970.

He was a famous Malawian singer-writer, music producer, and politician who started his music career in elementary school at Mponds Full Primary School in 1983.

Banda recorded his first “Son of a Poor Man” album at Shandel Music Studio.

Later, he formed his own band, Zembani, which grew into one of Africa’s most celebrated music groups.

He became MP of the North Balaka district but lost his seat because he was convicted of having fake academic qualifications.

Lucius Banda’s Wife, Sunganani Kamkwalala, Manages A Family Business

Sunganani Banda was born in the mid-70s in Malawi, a southeast African country.

On November 8, 2023, Lucius Banda wished Sunganani a happy birthday through his Facebook handle.

He captioned,

Happy Birthday love of my life a star(Sunga). There are no ways to describe my gratitude to God for giving me you. Love you so much.

Despite having marketing education qualifications, she successfully manages the family business, including Zembani Lodge, Zembani Music Company, and Summit Night Club.

She is a trained banker who has worked for Balaka Commercial Bank, now a standard bank.

While Lucius was in the hospital for treatment, Sunganani cared for him day and night like a mother.

Lucius wished his wife a Mother’s Day with a photo on Facebook, saying,

Much as you have been there for me all these years, this year you have suffered and showed me what a true replacement of my late mother you are. As people remember mothers every year I used to refuse to call anyone mother, but allow me to proudly say happy mothers day to Sunganani my mother.

Lucius met Sunganani when he was 20 years old.

Sunganani watched him turn into a paranoid slob, weighing almost 75 kg, then plying his trade in Alleluya NBand as a keyboardist.

Later, Sunganani tied the knot with Lucius on December 30, 1995. Lucius posted a photo with his wife celebrating their 26th marriage anniversary on December 30, 2021.

He captioned,

Happy 26th anniversary to Lucius Banda and Wife

Sunganani does not like being in the spotlight, so she has never given interviews to the media.

Moreover, she advised Lucius not to abandon his music career when he was elected to Parliament, telling him that his voice was more important in music than politics.

During the 2009 polls, Sunganani helped her husband wrestle the seat back from DPP.

However, Sunganani is devastated by the loss of her husband, with whom she had been together for almost three decades.

Additional Information

  • Lucius Banda had an estimated net worth of around $6 million at his passing.
  • Lucius and Sunganani had three children: Johnny-Zembani, Laura, and Mapiri Banda.
  • He was born to his father, Chidampamba Banda.
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