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Love Island Harriet Blackmore’s Appearance Ignites Plastic Surgery Rumors

Harriet Blackmore got her hair makeup from a hair extensions specialist, Ellie.

Speculation arose regarding Harriet Blackmore’s surgery soon after she entered the villa, showing noticeable changes in her body.

24 years old, Harriet Mae Blackmoore was born in 2000 in Brighton, United Kingdom.


  • An Instagram account suggested Harriet Blackmore visited their clinic to get lip, cheek, and chin filler topped up.
  • Hair extensions specialist Ellie disclosed the secret to her hair is the Beauty Works 22″ Slimline Tape Extensions.
  • Harriet might have undergone aesthetic treatments like FaceTite and Morpheus8 to slimmer and lift her face.

Harriet Blackmore is also a professional shopper, having previously shopped for the rapper named Arrdee and vlogger Saffron Barker.

She is also a dancer but came into the limelight after appearing in the 11th season of Love Island’s popular reality show.

Moreover, Blackmore has been getting much attention in the villa since Ciaran Davies bumped her off for Welsh beauty Nicole Samuel.

A Cosmetic Surgeon Weighed On Harriet Blackmore’s Appearance

Harriet Blackmore has not addressed her plastic surgery details; however, she frequently appears on a cosmetic surgeon’s Instagram page.

An Instagram account named @angelaaesthetics.uk posted a video of Harriet with the caption,

“This deserved a post of its own, just take a look at this face!

They added,

This client has been coming to us for some time now, on this session we just did a tiny top up in her lips, chin and cheeks – just take a look at that definition! Would you like to know we can enhance your natural beauty?

The same Instagram account also posted about Blackmore visiting their clinic in March 2024 to get lip, cheek, and chin filler topped up.

Moreover, Balckmore’s face appeared slimmer and lifted, which could be due to her weight loss.

It also looked like she had undergone aesthetic treatments like FaceTite and Morpheus8.

She might have also chosen a rhinoplasty for a more defined nose shape.

Social Media Suggests Harriet Had A Hair Makeover

Despite the lack of evidence regarding Harriet Blackmore’s surgery, social media has suggested she did some work on her hair.

A recent video shared by a hair extensions specialist, Ellie, revealed that the secret to Harriet’s hair is the Beauty Works 22″ Slimline Tape Extensions. She said,

“I had the pleasure of fitting Harriet’s hair extensions before she flew off to the villa,” Ellie says. The target, as Ellie shares, was to achieve a ‘bronde’ toned look and for this, the pair used a combination of extension shades; Brond’ombre; Espresso Brown; Mocha melt; St Tropez.

To blend the varying blonde and brunette hues together, Ellie kept some of the darker tones on the backside of Harriet’s head and used lighter tones towards the front for an ace-framed finish.

Harriot’s hair makeup was captured and admired by the viewers and fans on social media.

Additional Information

  • Harriet Blackmore was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Josh Curling.
  • She has one brother named Henry Blackmore, who plays football for Peacehaven and Telscombe Football Club.
  • Blackmore is of white ethnicity and has a faith in Christianity.
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