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Liam Woodrum Of Caucasian Ethnicity Shares Close Bond With Parents Glenn And Patricia

The Year 2024 is booked for Liam Woodrum; he is set for Netflix series, Geek Girl and horror show, 213 Bones.

The charming actor Liam Woodrum’s eyes speak of either English or Scottish heritage.

Liam Woodrum, a 21-year-old actor from Anaheim, plays Nick Park in Netflix’s “Geek Girl.”


  • The actor’s surname traces back to the history of Anglo-Saxon records, implying that he is of Caucasian ethnicity.
  • Liam’s father Glenn Woodrum is the owner of Orange Coast Hardwood Floors since 1996.
  • His mother, Patricia Riley Woodrum hails from the Guam city.

Nick is an established model, and Emily Carey from “House of the Dragon” portrays Harriet Manners’s romantic interest.

Before his role as Nick in “Geek Girl,” Liam Woodrum starred in his first acting role in a Hallmark movie called “Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance.”

In this 2023 film, Woodrum played the supporting character Tate Proudstar in a story about a curator teaming up with a native park ranger to find a missing artifact.

Liam Woodrum Origin Calls Of Anglo-Saxon Ethnicity In History Records

In its present generation, the Woodrum family carries a name with roots tracing back to ancient Anglo-Saxon culture in Britain.

Originating from Yorkshire, their surname is derived from the woodruff plant, known for its white flowers with a sweet scent.

Woodrum could possibly be of English or Scottish origin, as surnames often carry clues about familial origins.

Similarly, Liam Woodrum’s appearance coincides with the physical demeanor of English and Scottish people.

Henceforth, the actor, Liam, belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity since his surname comes from European descendants.

Liam Woodrum’s Family Is Blessed With Four Members Including His Brother

Glenn Woodrum, Liam’s father, is an entrepreneur running Orange Coast Hardwood Floors since its establishment in 1996,

His mother, Patricia Riley Woodrum, is a housewife originally from the US territory of Guam.

Liam also shares his passion for music with his brother, Gavin Woodrum, who contributes his talent as a guitarist to the blues band TheBlueByrdes.

The Woodrum family enjoys sharing their moments of joy and togetherness on social media and portrays a close-knit bond.

Additional Information

  • Liam Woodrum’s career continues to ascend as he secures a role in the upcoming horror film ‘213 Bones.’
  • “In 2023, Liam Woodrum appeared in the music video for ‘Other Side of the Rainbow’ by Extreme.
  • From baseball and football to golf and martial arts, he demonstrates proficiency in soccer, track and field, surfing, swimming, and basketball.
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