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Latisha Scott’s Mother Wanda Moore Leeth Got Into An Argument With Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Star Melody Shari

Latisha's mother Wanda Moore Leeth, was born in Bessemer, Alabama.

Latisha Scott and her mother, Wanda, are devastated by the tragic passing of cousin Keke Jabbar, a reality TV personality.

42 years old, Latisha Scott was born in the United States on October 1, 1981.


  • Scott was born and raised by her father, Horace Bester, and her mother, Wanda Moore Leeth.
  • Wanda Moore Leeth was removed from Love & Marriage: Hunstivell filming due to a physical altercation with Melody Shari.
  • Horace Bester is currently working as a U.S. Navy officer.

Scott is an American Television personality known for being cast on OWN’s reality series Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

The show follows three African American couples who come together to help the city of Huntsville in Alabama.

She is a licensed commercial real estate developer and CEO of Infinity Properties, LLC.

Moreover, Scott has 10 years of experience in the Financial industry.

Latisha Scott’s Mother Appeared In Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Latisha Scott’s mother has financially and emotionally supported her daughter since childhood.

Her mother, Wanda Moore Leeth, was born in Bessemer, Alabama, and currently lives in Midfield, Alabama.

According to Wanda’s Facebook Handle, she is working at JCCEO Head START.

However, Wanda Moore Leeth’s exact age has not been disclosed yet. Latisha wished Mother Wanda a happy birthday on August 9, 2020, through her Facebook handle. She captioned,

Happy Birthday to my Mom Wanda Moore Leeth We Love You!

Moreover, there is a strong bond between the daughter, Scott, and the mother, Wanda.

Latisha wished Wanda Happy Mother’s Day through her Instagram handle on May 14, 2023. She wrote,

Happy Mother’s Day @shonuff_ms.wanda To all the wonderful moms, Happy Mother’s Day! Being a great mom doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and we all make mistakes along the way, but you’re doing an amazing job!🥂🍾💐

After appearing in the reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville, Wanda Moore Leeth was spotlighted.

But her appearance has been fraught with drama and chaos. Wanda was removed from filming of the show after she nearly got into a physical altercation with Melody Shari.

Wanda also spread rumors regarding Melody’s skin care products, claiming that reviews aren’t real and that Melody doesn’t even use her own products.

Latisha Scott’s Father Is A Navy Officer

Latisha Scott was born to her father, Horace Bester, who currently lives in Bessemer, Alabama.

According to Horace’s Facebook profile, he currently works in the U.S. Navy and believes in Christianity.

Scott also shares a close bond with his father. She wished her father, Horace, a happy birthday and Father’s Day on June 20, 2022, through her Instagram handle. She wrote,

Happy Father’s Day and Birthday to my Daddy Horace Bester Love you

Her father, Horace, even appeared in the show Love & Marriage: Huntsville during daughter Scott’s graduation party.

Moreover, her father and family are of African American ethnicity, as they have a long history with Africa and African culture.

Additional Information

  • Latisha Scott was married to her husband Marsau J Scott, with whom she had 3 children.
  • Scott has a brother named Tavarrus T-man Leeth, who works at Dunn Construction.
  • Latisha’s mother, Wanda Moore Leeth, has one sister named Veronica Moore Shabazz
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