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Kyle Cooke’s Parents Are A Model Of Perfect Parenting

The son of a superhero father, Kyle Cooke is a proper Mamma's boy!

Kyle Cooke, the charismatic entrepreneur and reality TV star, gained fame through his warm and fun-loving personality, which was demonstrated in Summer House.

Kyle has grown up to be a gentleman, thus fans showed interest in discovering who his parents are to understand his upbringing and background.


  • Kyle Cooke admires his father, Peter Cooke, as his role model and moral compass. Peter’s hosting of NH’s first LGBT Member of Congress has profoundly influenced Kyle’s personal and professional life.
  • Peter recently adopted a dog as he reminisced about his kids’ childhood and what he was like as a father.
  • Kyle shares a close bond with his mother, Jane McGill Cooke. He frequently celebrates her on social media, demonstrating how her love has been a cornerstone in his life.

In the show Summer House, he was one of the first selected contestants and showed his commitment until the sixth season.

As one of the main cast members, Kyle often found himself at the center of the group’s activities and drama.

Apart from starring in reality TV shows, he has established two businesses: FENIX, an invite-only app and private wellness community, and Loverboy, a canned alcoholic beverage company.

He is a family guy, and the love and compassion he pours into his family are evident in his Instagram posts.

Fans appreciate Kyle for his authenticity and the dynamic presence he brings to the show; that’s probably the main reason why he is so loved among the viewers.

Kyle Cooke Considers His Father, Peter Cooke A Role Model

Kyle Cooke, born on August 4, 1982, in Baltimore, Maryland, is the son of Peter and Jane McGill Cooke.

Kyle shares a close bond with his father and looks up to him for his achievements to date.

He took to his Instagram on Father’s Day and posted his photo with him along with the caption,

Happy Father’s Day to this legend. My role model, moral compass, and family man blueprint. Missing you today!

His father had a special affinity for dogs; thus, in June 2023, he adopted one of the rescue dogs as he wanted to chase the happiness of being a parent all over again.

In one of Kyle’s other posts, he showed respect for his father for having the courage to raise the dog even after raising four stubborn kids on his own.

Kyle wrote,

Just when you’d think he’s done after raising 4 kids, my dad adopts one of our rescue puppies and starts the process all over again. Happy Father’s Day pops! You’re a hero and a role model for all. Love you!

Peter appears to have loving and nurturing attributes, as he was the one to host NH’s first LGBT Member of Congress. (NH is actually ChrisPappasNH in Manchester, whom Kyle grew up with.)

Additionally, Kyle acknowledges his father’s dedication and hard work, which motivated him to become an entrepreneur and enhanced his entrepreneurial spirit.

Kyle Cooke Admires His Mother’s Presence In His Life

Kyle’s mother, Jane McGill Cooke, is known for her warmth and caring personality.

On May 27, 2020, Kyle shared a heartfelt birthday post for her on Instagram, showcasing their close ties.

The celebration, which occurred amid COVID-19, highlighted Kyle’s love and appreciation for his mother, who has been a constant source of support throughout his career.

Kyle considers himself lucky to have a mom like her and respects his mother-in-law equally.

A post in 2018 marks the favorite summer of his life, when he got to organize a meet-up between the two moms.

Then, he confessed that he felt extremely blessed because he invited his mom to the Hamptons and introduced her to his wife, Amanda Batula’s mom, Donna.

One of the other posts highlights Kyle’s pride in being a blonde, just like his mother.

They can be seen flexing their hair color from the back, which is one of the best things he inherited from her and adds to his charm.

These moments shared on social media provide a glimpse into the strong family ties with his mothers that have shaped his journey.

Additional Information

  • As of 2024, Kyle Cooke’s net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million.
  • The TV star attended Trinity College Hartford, where he majored in Political Science and Architecture.
  • Kyle Cooke has a brother named Cory and he grew up together with him.
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