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Jonathan Meijer’s Parents Reportedly Have Dutch Roots!

Jonathan, a Dutchman, is recognized for donating sperm to hundreds of individuals.

Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a Dutch musician and known sperm donor, comes from a large family based in the Netherlands.

Meijer was born in 1981 and comes from a big family in the Netherlands, but specific details about his parents are not extensively documented.


  • Born in the Netherlands in 1981, Meijer comes from a large family with eight siblings and Dutch roots.
  • Known primarily as a musician, Meijer gained notoriety for his extensive sperm donation, reportedly fathering over 1,000 children through donations made worldwide.
  • Despite legal restrictions in the Netherlands in 2023, Meijer continues his sperm donation activities in Denmark and Ukraine.

However, according to The Mirror, Jonathan Meijer hails from a family with eight siblings, highlighting a close-knit family background.

The details of his family might have been kept secret for privacy reasons.

In addition, regarding his profession, he has worked as a civics teacher, a mailman, and a cryptocurrency consultant.

Meijer is a tall and handsome musician with thick hair, which may suggest his genetic background. The surname “Meijer” is common in the Netherlands and is of Dutch origin.

The Father of a Thousand: Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s Prolific Sperm Donation Journey

Jonathan Jacob Meijer gained international attention for his role as a prolific sperm donor, reportedly fathering over 1,000 children through sperm donations to clinics worldwide.

Meijer pursued a career as a musician while simultaneously engaging in extensive sperm donation activities.

Meijer’s story became widely publicized through documentaries and media coverage, highlighting his actions’ ethical and legal implications.

His donations were not limited to a single country, contributing to a complex network of parentage across different continents.

The scale of his donations raised questions about regulations and oversight in the fertility industry, sparking debates on the rights of offspring and donors’ responsibilities.

Despite controversies, Meijer’s motivations and the impact on the families involved remain subjects of ongoing discussion and scrutiny.

His story shows broader societal issues surrounding reproductive technologies and the complexities of modern family structures.

In 2023, a Dutch court ordered Meijer to stop donating sperm. But Jonathan Meijer continues to donate sperm in Denmark and Ukraine.

Reports from Dutch media indicate that he even offers his sperm online for home insemination, bypassing official fertility clinics.

As reported by Dutch newspaper AD, he resides in Kenya and occasionally uses the alias “Ruud” on the Internet.

Moreover, he reportedly makes millions, although his net worth’s specific figures have not been disclosed.

As one of the parents of their child, Vanessa paid €165 (£140) for Meijer’s sample.

Considering he sold 1000 samples at a similar rate, his approximate total earnings would be around €165,000.

Additional Information

  • The New Netflix documentary series, “The Man With 1000 Kids,” shows the story of Jonathan Meijer, who allegedly donated sperm on a large, unregulated scale, resulting in the fathering of hundreds of children.
  • The 43-year-old Jonathan started donating sperm in the Netherlands in 2007 and continued visiting clinics for nearly ten years.
  • These days, there is a YouTube channel associated with Meijer where he discusses his experiences as a sperm donor, offers advice on spiritual matters like exorcism, and shares his views on traditional wives.
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