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Jessica Lowe Has A Close Bond With Her Mother, But Her Name Remains A Mystery

Jessica Lowe has her mother as her best friend.

Mexican actress Jessica Lowe is known for her roles as Ginger in Blended, Florence in Wrecked, and Bambi in Minx.

Jessica is a multifaceted talent who is a sketch comedian, voice artist, and also a writer.


  • Lowe’s involvement in extracurricular activities during high school underscores her early interest and engagement in the performing arts. This foundation likely contributed to her later success in acting and writing.
  • Jessica’s ancestry descends from European, either British or Irish lineage, which is suggested by the reports on her surname.
  • Lowe maintains a close relationship with her family, particularly her mother, whom she turns to during moments of joy and uncertainty.

The actress voiced Dahlia in the animated show Bob’s Burgers, and her spectacular performance is still remembered.

During high school, she was a member of the National League, discussion club, and speech honor society, which shows her active involvement in extracurricular activities.

After graduating from high school, she attended Northwestern University

She directed and presented the show Mee-Ow in college, which started in 1974 at Northwestern University.

This experience probably created a foundation for her career as an actor and a writer.

Jessica Lowe’s Parents Have Been Married For 48 Years

Jessica Lowe was born on February 21 in Samoa, U.S., and raised by her parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jessica was raised with all the boys and was a Tomboy while growing up.

Her parents’ details are unknown; however, we know that they married on December 10, 1976, and have been married since then.

Jessica took an old photo of her parents on her Instagram and posted it on the occasion of their 40th marriage anniversary.

Reportedly, she is Caucasian (a white American of European ancestry).

According to Ancestry, the surname Lowe is Low’s English and Scottish variant, which means a brave or regal person.

The surname is common in people of British and Irish origin, hinting that she comes from a European background.

Although there are no further details on her parents’ background, we can say that her predecessors were European, most likely from Britain or Ireland.

Jessica Lowe’s Mom Is The First Person She Turns To In Happiness And Sadness

In an interview with Thatshelf, Jessica talked about her experience during the audition for the series Blended.

She shared that she had to meet with the director during her second round of auditions. Then, she saw famous actors applying for the same position.

Jessica got excited and nervous at the same time and immediately rang her mother and said,

Guess who I just saw in the waiting room?”

Then her mother humorously responded that the other actor would probably get it because she was famous.

That was when the idea of Drunk Yoga was born when she would just get drunk and make instructional yoga videos.

In addition, the video Drunk Yoga, which received many views and was made and posted on YouTube, inspired her role in Blended.

Their conversation shows they are quite playful and open, showcasing their relationship as close friends.

Additional Information

  • The actress Jessica Lowe started dating Chris Alvarado in December 2017 and married him in February 2022.
  • Jessica wrote for TV series like Backseat Bitches and Above Average Presents.
  • Lowe has a pet dog named Sonny.
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