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Jeffrey Earnhardt, Grandson of 7-time NASCAR Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Jeffrey comes from an illustrious racing family, with legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. being his grandfather.

Jeffrey Lynn Earnhardt, a professional American stock car racing driver, is indeed related to Dale Earnhardt.

Jeffrey is the grandson of Dale Earnhardt Sr., a legendary NASCAR driver, and seven-time Cup Series champion. His father is Kerry Earnhardt, the eldest son of Dale Earnhardt Sr.


  • Jeffrey Earnhardt is the grandson of Dale Earnhardt Sr., a legendary NASCAR driver and seven-time Cup Series champion.
  • Jeffrey’s uncle, Dale Earnhardt Jr., adds to the family’s racing legacy with his successful career and immense popularity among NASCAR fans.
  • His parents are divorced, and he has a paternal half-sister named Kayla from his father and stepmother, Rene.

Moreover, Jeffrey’s uncle is Dale Earnhardt Jr., another prominent NASCAR driver known for his successful career and popular appeal among fans.

Despite being part of this illustrious racing family, Jeffrey has carved out his career in racing.

He competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 26 Toyota GR Supra for Sam Hunt Racing.

Additionally, he races part-time in the Craftsman Truck Series, piloting the No. 67 Toyota Tundra for MBM Motorsports.

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Racing Heritage and Family Legacy in NASCAR

Jeffrey Earnhardt was born on June 22, 1989, in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States. He is the son of Kerry Dale Earnhardt and Rene Earnhardt (stepmother).

Jeffrey’s parents separated when he was young. Subsequently, his father married Rene in 1999.

He was raised in Mooresville and attended Mooresville High School. However, at the age of 18, he opted to begin his career as a race car driver instead of pursuing college.

Beyond his immediate family, Jeffrey has a diverse familial background. He has a paternal half-sister, Kayla, and two maternal half-brothers, James and David.

Additionally, Jeffrey’s older brother, Bobby Dale Earnhardt, also pursued a career in racing, competing notably in the ARCA Racing Series before retiring in 2019.

Together, the Earnhardt family’s collective achievements show their everlasting impact on NASCAR, showcasing excellence and passion for the sport that spans generations.

Jeffrey’s Uncle, Dale Earnhardt Jr., A Racing Icon and His Legacy Beyond the Track

Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeffrey Earnhardt’s uncle, is also a celebrated figure in NASCAR. He is renowned for his successful racing career and charismatic personality.

Known for his aggressive driving style and competitive spirit, Dale Jr. amassed 26 Cup Series victories before retiring from full-time racing in 2017.

Beyond his racing achievements, Dale Jr. has made significant contributions to the sport as a television analyst, broadcaster, and entrepreneur.

He remains an influential figure in NASCAR, both for his on-track success and his impact on popularizing the sport among new generations of fans.

Additional Information

  • Jeffrey Earnhardt’s girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, was a drag racer and Street Outlaws star. Tragically, she passed away recently after battling breast cancer.
  • Like his grandfather, he has established his own company and has competed in Truck, Xfinity, and specialty events such as the Rolex Series and NASCAR Euro Series.
  • In addition to working as a race driver, Jeffrey Earnhardt made his amateur debut in mixed martial arts on May 22, 2012.
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