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Janette Nesheiwat’s Successful Career In The Health Sector

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat is a double board-certified medical doctor.

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat is an American emergency doctor, physician, and medical correspondent. She is the Medical Director at CityMD.

Recently, she talked about a study showing anger raises the risk of heart attack on Fox News Live. Let’s explore her age and Wikipedia.


  • Dr. Janette Nesheiwat is the daughter of Jordanian Christian immigrants, born on August 25, 1976.
  • She grew up with her single mother and four siblings in Umatilla, Florida.
  • She is a double board-certified medical doctor and serves as the MD at CityMD.

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat has been engaged in the medical field for over a decade and has conducted medical aid missions worldwide.

NBC, CBS, and Good Morning America invited her to discuss health-related topics as a reliable public health expert.

Similarly, she hosted an educational medical television show, Family Health Today, and Health Minute with Dr. Janette on KNWA-TV.

Dr. Janette worked hard to spread public awareness during the pandemic time to prevent Covid-19.

Janette Nesheiwat Grew Up With A Single Mother And Four Siblings

47 years old Dr. Janette Nesheiwat was born on August 25, 1976, and grew up in Umatilla, Florida.

She was one of five children raised by her single mother. Her qualified nurse mother played a significant role in raising the children and caring for the community.

Unfortunately, her father passed away in an accident when she was studying in the middle school.

Her parents were Jordanian Christian immigrants, and she was raised alongside three sisters and one brother.

Her youngest sister, Dina, is also a criminal defense attorney in Manhattan.

Likewise, her elder sister, Julia Nesheiwat, is a former army captain and Bronze Star recipient. She served three deployments overseas and currently works as a presidential envoy for hostage affairs.

Her other sister, Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp, is a former Miss New York USA and the founder of a children’s charity.

Similarly, her brother is a criminal defense attorney.

Dr. Janette attended the University of Florida and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where she majored in medicine.

She completed her residency in northwest Arkansas before moving to New York City.

Janette Nesheiwat’s Medical Journey

In addition to her work at FOX News and CityMD, Dr. Nesheiwat has appeared on various television channels, including Fox Business Network and HLN.

She led various medical relief missions around the globe with the American Red Cross throughout her medical career.

She is a double board-certified medical doctor practicing in New York.

Her healthcare company, CityMD, a network of urgent care facilities in New York and New Jersey, is disrupting the healthcare industry by offering quick access to care.

Nonetheless, she previously worked as a physician at Washington Regional Medical Center and Northwest Medical Hospital.

Also, she trained to become a U.S. Army ROTC Officer in Ft. Lewis, Washington. 

Dr. Janette aims to save and transform lives, providing people with the required care and knowledge.

Additional Information

  • Dr. Nesheiwat is a private person with no public record of her current relationship status. Whether she is married or in a relationship remains unknown.
  • The 5 feet 6 inches medical correspondent has amassed an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.
  • She founded BCBOOST.com to support the immune system of active life.
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