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Jamie Lissow’s Ex-Wife, Jessica Lissow, Has Been Living In Alaska Since Their Divorce

Jamie Lissow is now engaged to a doctor, Erika Aragona.

Jamie Lissow is a regular weekly guest of the No. 1 rated late-night talk show Gutfeld!

49 years old, Jamie Lissow was born on October 1, 1974, in Rochester, New York, United States.


  • Jamie Lissow’s ex-wife, Jessica Lissow, lives in Alaska and works as a real estate agent.
  • Actor Jamie’s Instagram handle suggests that his children live with him after separating from Jessica.
  • Jamie Lissow is romantically involved with Dr. Erika Aragona.

Lissow is an actor, comedian, and writer known for appearing in the Netflix series Real Rob.

Continuing his creative journey, Jamie has recently worked as the writer and co-executive producer in the 2022 movie Daddy Daughter Trip, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft.

Moreover, Lissow served as producer in the famous comedy sitcom Man With A Plan, which premiered on CBS on October 24, 2016.

Behind Jamie Lissow’s successful career is the support of his family members.

Jamie Lissow And Ex-Wife Jessica Lissow Have Been Officially Divorced

Jamie Lissow and Jessica Lissow spent their married life together for over a decade, supporting each other in hard times.

However, the exact reason for the separation has yet to be disclosed. Jamie’s friend MJ once joked about his divorce on Twitter, hinting at the situation’s complexity.

Jamie and Jessica had two sons, Miles and Charles Lissow, and one daughter, Briar Lissow.

After the divorce, Jessica started a new chapter in her life by transitioning from her previous role as a teacher to a real estate agent in Alaska.

Additionally, Jessica Lissow manages a blog titled “Jessica’s Alaska,” which provides insights into life in the northern state.

Their children keep appearing on Jamie’s official Instagram handle, suggesting they live with him.

Jamie recently traveled with his kids to Kansas City for his stand-up show on June 19, 2024.

He takes good care of them, and sometimes, they go to Alaska to meet their mother, Jessica Lissow.

Jamie Lissow And Erika Aragona’s Relationship Status

Jamie Lissow is engaged to Erika Aragona, a board-certified family medical doctor. They keep appearing on each other’s social media handles.

On May 8, 2024, through the talk show Gutfield!, Lissow confirmed that he had been engaged to Erika Aragona. He said,

Last weekend my girlfriend @doctor_erika_ and I got engaged.

Erika has also confirmed they are officially engaged through her Instagram handle. She wrote,

To the Love of my life and truly the BEST man I have ever met, I would pick your personality first, intelligence second, muscles third, and forever enjoy late night Newlywed game shows with carbless 🥨dinners until the end of time. Now that our engagement is official, I guess it is until the end of time…and I’d have it no other way than to be by your side for everything. I love you, my forever @iamjamielissow

However, Jamie and Erika are having a happy love life together. They might reveal their wedding date soon.

Additional Information

  • Actor and Comedian Jamie Lissow has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2024.
  • Lissow is of Scottish descent and has a Christian faith.
  • He completed his graduation from the State University of New York University, Fredonia.
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